When To Get A New Microwave?

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When To Get A New Microwave?

Like all good things, at some point your trusty microwave will come to an end. You may be asking yourself when to get a new microwave? Planning ahead for a new appliance can help you get the best deal possible and give you time to do the necessary research to find what suits you best.

Below we take a look at 7 key indicators that you may need to get a new microwave.

When To Get A New Microwave?


Here are 7 signs that you may need a new microwave.

1 – You Are Hearing Strange Noises

If you are suddenly hearing strange new noises from your microwave it may be time to get a new microwave. Unusual sounds may be a sign that the components are struggling, worn out or damaged. Take a look at the turntable in the first instance to check there are no obvious obstructions. If you can’t see what’s causing the noises it may be time to shop around for a replacement.

2 – Sparks Are Flying

If you see any signs of sparks flying it’s time to shut up shop and move on to a newer model. Sparks are a bad sign and if you see any turn off the microwave immediately, unplug it and stop using it. The same goes for any smoke or burning smells coming from your machine.

3 – Your Food Is Not Being Cooking Properly

Consistently finding that your food is not being cooked or heated like your used to, may be a sign that your microwave is on the way out. It’s worth making sure the turntable is rotating as it should with no obstructions and that you haven’t accidentally changed your default power settings. If after a reset you’re still finding that food is coming out with random cold patches, it may be time to shop around.

4 – The Turntable Stops Spinning

If your machine is on but the turntable is not rotating then you may have a problem. Take a look to make sure the plate is set properly. If it’s still not operating then it may mean the motor that rotates the turntable has failed. This may be reason enough for you to consider your options as it could be costly to replace the motor.

5 – Your Door Won’t Fully Close

Your microwave door should always be completely shut when it is in operation. All the sealing around the door should always be intact. This helps to protect you from any radiation. If you notice damage to the door sealing or the door itself this may need your attention. If the door latch has broken that may be something that can fixed easily. However, if the issue is more severe, it could mean you need to look at a new machine; it’s simply not worth the risk.

6 – The Controls Are No Longer Responsive

The controls on your microwave are the gateway between what you want and getting your machine to comply. If you’ve noticed that your control panel is not as responsive as it used to be or is simply not responding, it may be time to get a replacement.

7 – Your Microwave Is 10 Years or Older

The average lifespan of a microwave is around 9 to 10 years. Once your machine reaches this sort of milestone you’ll probably be thinking about replacing it anyway but if not you should start preparing to get a new one. The likelihood is that if it hasn’t failed already, it is not far off.

Is It Worth Fixing A Microwave?

This may be a question you are asking yourself particularly if you were not planning on getting a new microwave anytime soon. You could look at repairing your microwave but in all probability the cost of the labour alone will probably come up to a good proportion of the cost of a new machine. This is before you take into account any replacement parts that might be needed. For this reason in most cases it makes sense to simply buy a new machine.

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