Is Microwave 900 Watt Good? Know From Power To The Kitchen

Microwave 900 Watt

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Is a 900 watt microwave good? A microwave 900 watt should give you a good amount of cooking power which should result in food that is cooked quickly.

Most microwaves are rated between 600 – 1100 Watts. Microwaves rated at 700 watts and less may not cook food at the same speed as those with higher ratings. Generally the higher the wattage rating, the quicker food should cook.

At 900 watts you should be able to cook and heat up your food relatively quickly.

However, just because a microwave has 900 watts of power does not necessarily mean it will be the best performer. It’s usually best to look at each microwave.

Ultimately it will depend on the specific 900 watt model you choose to buy. Let’s take a look at the best microwaves 900 watt in UK available.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. This does not affect how much you pay for the product.

Lets Find The Best Microwaves 900 W


Not all 900 watt microwaves will perform the same. Below we take a look at our best microwaves 900 watt.

1 – Bosch Series 2 HMT84M461B

The Bosch Series 2 HMT84M421B is a great 900 watt solo microwave that combines excellent build quality, lots of useful features, great performance and high user satisfaction to make it one of the very best microwave 900 watt available.

This a solo microwave (meaning there’s no oven or grill) and it does the job perfectly.

The Bosch Series 2 HMT84M421B is a powerful unit coming in at 900W which comes in handy when you need to quickly heat your food. It has 5 power levels which are easy to select with 5 clearly labelled corresponding buttons on the control panel (90, 180, 360, 600, 900 Watts). This gives you a great range in cooking flexibility from a low 90W which is recommended for defrosting delicate items to a blistering 900 W best for heating up liquids.

In fact the simplicity of the control panel is one of the best features of the Bosch Series 2 HMT84M421B. You can tell it has been designed with making life as simple as possible. It comes with a pull-out rotary dial for making your selections.

The control panel makes life easy if you’re just looking for a quick re-heat option but also has 7 pre-set automatic programmes. These include options for cooking rice, potatoes and vegetables as well as defrosting meat, poultry and bread.

The microwave is also equipped with an option that allows you to select the weight of your food and let the machine do the rest.

Quite helpfully it also comes with a timer which can run up to 99 minutes which can be handy for dishes that need to be slow cooked. The long countdown is a nice feature as a lot of models only give you around 30 minutes.

A nice added bonus for the settings is the fact this model has a memory function that will allow you to create your own program. This is particularly useful if you have one dish you tend to cook or heat up regularly.

The control panel is equipped with an LED display which is clearly visible from meters away. It can also be used as a clock when not in use which can be surprisingly handy in the kitchen.

The great visibility also goes for the internal light which makes it easy for you to keep an eye on your food whilst it is cooking.

Coming in black and white options, it may not have the glitzy colours of some other models but what you get is powerful and reliable machine from a world-renowned German engineering brand.

With a 25Litre capacity it has a fairly generous capacity whilst a 315mm turntable means you can get large plates and dishes into the microwave. These features make it a great fit for families as well those looking for a solo microwave that’s larger than the average size.

Another great benefit with this unit is the fact it comes with ample information and cooking guides to help you find the best ways to make the most of the power you are getting.

Something else you don’t often see is the possibility of changing the duration of the beeping when the timer comes to an end. You can choose a short duration of 3 beeps or a much longer duration of 30 beeps.

One thing to bear in mind for where you place the microwave on your kitchen counter is that it needs a minimum of 30cm clearance above the unit.


Overall the Bosch Series 2 HMT84M421B is one of the most highly rated solo microwaves on the market and when you look closely it’s easy to see why. If you’re looking for microwave that does everything well, is built to a high standard and won’t cost you too much, look no further.

Key Features

  • 900 watts of cooking power for quick meals
  • Easy to use control panel
  • 25litre capacity
  • 5 power levels

2 – Sharp R372WM Solo Microwave – White Microwave 900 Watt UK

The Sharp R372WM is a microwave that does what is was designed to do well and keeps things simple in the process whilst offering your excellent value for money.

Everything with this microwave is kept simple but high quality and it works brilliantly.

With 900W of cooking power, your food is cooked fast and also evenly. You’ll get a range of 11 different power levels to give you lots of flexibility when determining how much power you need for whatever you are cooking.

One of the things that users mention the most about the Sharp 372WM is just how easy it is to use. It’s always a good sign if you can quickly look at the control panel of a microwave and figure out how to get it working without needing to resort to the instruction manual though this is always a good idea to get the maximum value out of it. The Sharp 372WM falls into that category. The control panel is digital and touch control as well as relatively easy to understand.

Quite usefully it has a auto minute button which can often end up being the one that gets used most often by people just looking for a quick re-heating job. This will heat your food at maximum power (900W) for one minute at the touch of the button. You can extend the cooking time up to a maximum of 99 minutes.

There’s also a kitchen timer which can use for other jobs around the kitchen such as timing boiled eggs.

The Sharp 372WM also comes with a range of auto-cook functions which will automatically determine the best cooking mode for 6 different food groups including jacket potatoes, pizza, popcorn as well as reheating tea and coffee.

The microwave also has two defrost functions based on time and weight.

Indeed if you are like many microwave users who will only need their machine for re-heating and defrosting food then this is a perfect option.

The Sharp 372WM is 25litre capacity microwave which is a good ample size and would suit families and larger households. Indeed Sharp

The door opening mechanism adds to the ease of operation which is equipped with a push button rather than a handle. This method of door opening tends to be easier for most as it relies on far less force than a door handle.

For added peace of mind, the Sharp 372WM is equipped with a child lock.


Overall, the Sharp 372WM is an excellent solo microwave that does its job well and offers brilliant value for money as well as a highly rated microwave. If you need a microwave that will cook, heat and de-frost your food quickly and efficiently with none of the fuss, the Sharp 372WM fits the bill.

Key Features

  • 900 Watts
  • 11 power levels
  • Digital touch pad
  • 25litre capacity
  • Child lock
  • Type: Solo microwave
  • Dimensions (External): W51.3cm x 306.2 x 429.5
  • Dimensions (Internal): 330.0 x 208.0 x 369.0
  • Available Colours: (i) White and (ii) Black

#3 – Russell Hobbs RHM3003B 30L Digital 900W Combination Microwave

The Russell Hobbs RHM300B 30litre digital 900w combination microwave is a rare beauty as it does everything it is supposed to do well.

Combination ovens don’t always have it it easy as most only manage to some things well never allowing the user to get the full value of what they were supposed to be ordering (which may explain why some combination models are only slightly more expensive than their solo counterparts but that’s another topic).

The Russell Hobbs RHM300B does not fall into this trap with users rating it very highly and repeatedly commenting on how it does all three of its jobs (microwave, convection oven and grill) very well.

With 900 watts of cooking power the Russell Hobbs RHM300B gets through jobs easily and gives you a good range of 5 different power levels to get food exactly how you need it.

The combination mode will give you 4 different ways to combine the microwave cooking, grill and convection oven: (i) microwave and convection (ii) microwave and grill (iii) grill and convection oven and (iv) all 3.

The fan assisted convection oven does a great job of functioning like a traditional oven and has been rated very highly by users. It allows you to set temperatures between 140 degrees to 230 degrees in 10 degree intervals which is very useful as many other models only have large increments limiting your flexibility to match the desired temperature.

Another useful cooking features of the Russell Hobbs RHM300B is the multi-stage cooking for the microwave which will allow you to set two cooking modes into one timed cycle e.g. you could defrost some leftovers for 5 minutes and then heat them up for 7 minutes.

The Russell Hobbs RHM300B also comes with a handy 30+ seconds/quick start button where you can quickly cook your food for 30 seconds at 100% power. You can add 30 second intervals with another touch of the button up to a maximum of 95minutes.

For your defrostings needs you also get the choice timed or weight (it automatically selects the time needed based on entered weight) defrost functions.

The Russell Hobbs RHM300B is also equipped with 10 auto-cooking programmes for foods such as potatoes, pizza, popcorn and cake.

For a microwave with so many features, Russell Hobbs have managed to keep the control panel very simple with only 7 clearly labelled buttons and a rotary dial.

This 900watt microwave oven combination comes with an ample 30litre capacity which is great if you have a large family or tend to cater for large groups. It also has a 31.5cm turntable which will easily take large plates and various dishes for the oven.

In true Russell Hobbs fashions the RHM300B combination microwave looks sleek and elegant with a mirror door finish. It is available in either black or white.

The mirror door finish however, can be somewhat problematic as it can get easily smudged during use though a soft cloth should take care of that.

Some users also report that the internal oven light is not always as bright as they would like which is a surprisingly common issue amongst microwaves in general though given how well the Russell Hobbs RHM300B does pretty much everything else, it’s hardly a deal breaker and is not a universally held view.

One thing to bear in mind is the overall size and weight. At 19.9kg it is fairly heavy as microwaves go but considering you are also using it as an oven it is reassuring in many ways that it can’t be easily moved due to its weight.

With external dimensions of L52.0cmX W51.0cm XH33.5cm it has a relatively large footprint so bear that in mind when contemplating where it will be placed.


The Russell Hobbs RHM300B offers a brilliant option if you need a combination microwave, grill and convection oven that does all of its jobs well. It looks sleek and elegant, comes in two different brilliant colours and can cater for all of your family’s cooking needs.

Key Features

  • 900 Watts
  • Combination microwave, grill and fan assisted oven
  • 31.5cm turntable perfect for large plates
  • 30 litre capacity
  • External Dimensions: L52.0cmX W51.0cm XH33.5cm

#4 – The Sharp R959SLMAA

The Sharp R959SLMAAis one the best microwave 900 watt around. If you’re looking for a high capacity microwave, oven and grill with excellent features that’s easy to use then this is it.

This 900W microwave is equipped with 5 power levels giving you lots of range when cooking. You also get access to 8 preset cooking modes which help take the guesswork out of getting your food exactly how you want it. The preset options include pizza, ready meals, rice/pasta and cake.

The Sharp R959SLMAA is a combination microwave, oven and grill all in one brillaint device. This will give you lots of versatility in your cooking.

In addition to the microwave seeting, the 900W grill is equipped with quartz technology. The quartz heating elements get hot very quickly making them perfect for cooking and browning foods such as pizzas, grilled cheese sandiches and sausages.

There is convection oven with this model which can reach temperatures up to 250°C.** With ten different temperature settings ranging between 40°C and 250°C, you’ll have plenty of options for making the perfect meal for your family of 5.

To help you get the most out of your various functions the Sharp R959SLMAA also has a combination (“COMBI”) mode allowing you to combine the microwave with either the grill or convection oven. This reduces cooking time and also means your food can come out with a crispy brown finish.

One of the best features of the Sharp R959SLMAA is its extra large 40 litre capacity means you can easily cater to the needs of your household and make large dishes with no trouble. In addition the large size means it can take large dinner plates with no problem.

The Sharp R959SLMAA is designed for use on counter-tops or for built-in installation, rare versatility.

It will look great anywhere in your kitchen as the silver trim finish gives it a modern and stylish feel.

Something to bear in mind though is due to its large capacity and size it does mean that it takes up a lot of space.

So if you are tight for space in your kitchen but still need a 900w microwave then you may need to look at another option on the list.


Overall the Sharp R959SLMAA is a well performing 900w combination microwave, oven and grill which offers lots of cooking capacity and versatility for your kitchen.

Key Features

  • Extra large 40 litre capacity microwave
  • Microwave, convection oven, grill and combination
  • Quick and convenient cooking with 900W of power
  • Modern and stylish silver with a stainless steel finish
  • Dimensions: Outside dimension-W55cm x H36.8cm x D53.7cm; Inside dimension W37.5cm x H27.2cm x D39.5.

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