Samsung MS23F301TAS Review

Samsung MS23F301TAS Review

+ Looks gorgeous
+ Super-easy to use
+ Child lock for peace of mind
+ Enamel ceramic interior with anti-bacterial properties
– Difficult to clearly see food as it cooks

Samsung MS23F301TAS Review

It’s not often you see users describe microwaves as stunning but then again it’s not often you see microwaves like the Samsung MS23F301TAS.

It’s a microwave that’s had rave reviews from users and it’s clear to see why.

With the Samsung MS23F301TAS you get a visually pleasing design that cooks very well, has a compact footprint and best of all won’t make you think twice about the price as it offer excellent value for money. You are unlikely to find another

Let’s start with the exterior. The first thing that strikes you with this model is simply how gorgeous it looks. The silver exterior finish has a real polished look to it and it contrasts delightfully with the black door face and control panel.

The design has nice clean lines to give it a real modern feel. The Samsung MS23F301TAS would look equally at home in a high end refurbished kitchen or new build or as an elegant addition to an existing kitchen.

Added to that is the ice blue LED display on the control panel which will have you purring in delight.

The delight in its appearance does not stop with the outside. The inside of the microwave is made from ceramic enamal which aside from looking excellent is also anti-bacterial and easy to clean.

Once you’re done admiring your new microwave you can then get to enjoying the fast and effective way it heats, cooks and defrosts it’s way through your food. This is a solo microwave meaning there’s no grill or oven function and it does its main job very well.

Food is cooked quickly and evenly without the worry of cold spots. The way this microwave cooks food evenly is an often cited benefit that users mention. It has Samsung’s Tripe Distribution System which emits microwaves from three different points in the cooking cavity which results in more even distribution of the heat and food that is thoroughly cooked.

Our Samsung MS23F301TAS review would not be completed without mentioning another standout benefit of this highly rated microwave; how easy it is to use. Whether you’re after a quick reheat of some leftovers or cooking something more elaborate the Samsung MS23F301TAS has you covered.

In just 3 quick and easy steps you can have your food heated; 1 – select a mode, 2 – use the dial to set the time and 3 – hit start. Easy as pie (or whatever else you may need to cook up). It also has a 30 second plus button which is always handy for adding some extra time or a quick cycle.

The Samsung MS23F301TAS has a maximum power of 800W which will ensure your food is cooked quickly and thoroughly. To give you the full range of power options, you get 6 different power levels to select from.

With a 23litre capacity, the Samsung MS23F301TAS will be well suited to a family and could easily cater to smaller households as well.

To help save you some money the Samsung MS23F301TAS has an ECO mode which will help to conserve energy when it’s not in use.

Once you are done using it and need to clean it the Samsung MS23F301TAS also excels. As the interior has a ceramic enamel coating cleaning is made very easy as you can just wipe with a damp cloth. It also has welcome anti-bacterial properties. The interior is made of a scratch resistant material which is made to last and avoid discolouration.

To help keep your microwave smelling fresh it has a really cool deodorising feature that will help to get rid of any lingering smells.

One downside of the black door finish is that food is sometimes difficult to see as it cooks. In addition, some users report that the distribution of the weight means it can sometimes move when you press the button to open the door.


At this price range though, you will be hard pressed to find a microwave that looks as slick, delivers excellently cooked food and is as easy to use as the Samsung MS23F301TAS.

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