Is A 1000 Watt Microwave Good?

Is a 1000 watt microwave good? A 1000 watt microwave should give you all the cooking power that you will need. With a 1000 watts a microwave should cook quickly and thoroughly.

Most microwaves on the market will range between 600 – 1000 watts with some going as high as 1200 watts.

With microwaves, watts mean power. The higher the watts, the more power the microwave has and generally speaking, more watts should mean food is cooked more quickly.

The number of watts is usually also correlated with the size of the microwave with the capacity increasing as the number of watts also increases.

Generally speaking the higher the watts on a microwave, the more expensive it will be so do keep this in mind when deciding what would be best for you.

With a 1000 watts you can pretty much cook anything within reason. However, you need to watch out though as food cooked at 1000 watts will do so very quickly. Whether that’s cooking proteins, boiling rice and potatoes or even desserts it’s best to consult recipe guides to make sure you are using the right settings.

As the wattage rating is quite high with 1000 watt microwaves, you’ll want to make sure that they have a good range of power levels for you to choose from. This will ensure that you can vary the power for different foods and recipes. Most 1000 watt microwaves with at least 4/5 different power levels.

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Is A 1000 Watt Microwave Good? – Let’s Look At The Best 1000 Watt Microwaves


Though 1000 watt microwaves should give you lots of cooking power, not all 1000 microwave are created equal. How do you pick the best 1000 watt microwave with so much choice? We’ve selected our favourite ones below.

#1 – Best 1000 Watt Microwave: Panasonic NN-SD27HSBPQ


All in all the Panasonic NN-SD27HS is a fantastic microwave that cooks and reheats food quickly and efficiently, is easy to use and quite pleasing on the eye. It offers excellent value for money from a reliable and highly renowned brand and comes with a great track record of user experience.

Key Features
+ Flatbed design giving you more space and an easier time cleaning      
+ Inverter cooking technology for precise and evenly cooked food          
+ Plenty of cooking capacity (27Litre)          
+ 1000W of power for quick and easy meals          
+ Dimensions: D42.2cm x W52.9cm x H32.6cm

Panasonic NN-SD27HSBPQ Review

As you would expect from one of the best (and in many estimations the best) microwave manufacturers in the world, the Panasonic NN-SD27HSBPQ delivers on all fronts. With 1000 watts of power, you get a highly effective solo microwave for your cooking and reheating needs, it looks brilliant and is well built.

The Panasonic NN-SD27HSBPQ solo microwave might be best described as simple excellence.

This starts with the way it cooks food which by most accounts is quickly and evenly throughout. This is thanks to its Inverter Technology which means power is delivered more consistently and with precise control. This is unlike traditional microwaves were the power is alternated on and off throughout a cycle which can often leave your food with random cold patches and leave you frustrated as you go back to the kitchen for the 3rd time to eliminate the remaining cold spots from your reheated leftovers. On this front it delivers with users consistently raving about how well it performs with cooking evenly and also quickly.

With 1000W of power you would expect it to cook food fast and it most certainly does. Quite usefully you get a full range of power levels to make the most out of the machine and get the best cooking experience. These go from 1000W (high) through to 270W for defrosting and 100W for warming things up. There’s a handy table in the user manual which will help you determine the best power level depending on the food.

Alongside the high power you also get a range (10) of auto cook and auto reheat programs including defrosting which will select the best power and time for you based on your entering the weight of the item. This is a great function if you are unsure about the right settings for a given item of food.

This is a solo microwave meaning there’s no added fuss with either a grill or oven.

With 23litres of internal capacity this microwave is a good size and would suit a single person or smaller households. The overall dimensions (H27.9cm x W48.8cm x D39.5cm) and its neat design make this look like a compact microwave but the interior is spacious enough to fit large dinner plates.

One of the things you see mentioned most about the Panasonic NN-SD27HSBPQ and user experiences is how easy it is to use. It is definitely something that stands out about this excellent model.

They have tried to make the control panel as useful as possible without adding any complications. For example each power button has two options e.g. “1000W/600W” (high/medium), you simply press it once for “1000W” and twice for “600W”. After you’ve used this feature successfully the first time, you’ll get to see how simple and effective it is.

All of the buttons on the control panel are clearly labelled and responsive. The instruction manual is very detailed yet easy to understand and will set you straight on anything you are unclear about.

As well as being easy to use, this model is also easy to clean. The stainless steel exterior not only means its attractive but also helps with straightforward cleaning. On the inside Panasonic have equipped it with what they call an “Aqua Clean” feature. You place a bowl of tap water (200ml) with 1 tbsp of lemon and then press the “Aqua Clean” button. After 20 minutes the water will have boiled and the steam will help to deodorise the interior and loosen any stuck on food. You can then wipe down the inside of the machine with a soft cloth to complete the process.

Our Panasonic NN-SD27HSBPQ review would not be complete without mentioning the fact that it looks attractive and feels well built. The exterior has a clean and smooth stainless steel finish which gives the microwave a real modern feel to it.

A great bonus feature of the Panasonic NN-SD27HS is the child lock which will make the control panel inoperable at your choosing.

#2 – Best 1000 Watt Microwave: Panasonic NN-SF464MBPQ


This fantastic 1000 watt microwave is equipped with Panasonic’s inverter technology giving you evenly cooked food with less power usage than conventional microwave ovens. Your food will come out evenly cooked with no annoying cold spots. The inverter technology allows you to control the power to get your food exactly how you need it.

Key Features
+ Flatbed design giving you more space and an easier time cleaning      
+ Inverter cooking technology for precise and evenly cooked food          
+ Plenty of cooking capacity (27Litre)          
+ 1000W of power for quick and easy meals          
+ Dimensions: D42.2cm x W52.9cm x H32.6cm

Panasonic NN-SF464MBPQ Review

This is a solo microwave (take a look here if you’re after the best flatbed combination microwaves) meaning there’s no grill or oven function. This would suit a household that uses the microwave predominantly for heating and defrosting food rather than cooking complex meals. It would also work well for meals such as rice, pasta, jacket potatoes and the like.

The inverter technology coupled with 1000Watts of power means you can rely on this microwave to cook your food quickly and evenly.

To allow you take full advantage of the ample power on offer, the Panasonic NN-SF464MBPQ comes equipped with 5 power levels from gentle defrosting through to cooking full on dishes.

It has a generous 18 auto programmes which gives you a wide range of choice when it comes to making your food exactly how you like it without any of the guess work. This is a wide range of auto programmes that you do not see very often, if ever, in other models and includes options for soup, chicken breasts as well as 3 defrost settings.

The control panel is touch operated which makes the unit feel all the more slick alongside the overall neat design. This combined with the stainless steel silver finish gives it a modern feel that would be welcomed in most kitchens.

The stainless steel finish also makes cleaning quite easy as you can just wipe down the flat surface. The flatbed base also makes the job of cleaning relatively easy.

The flatbed design means there is no turntable leaving with you with much for space for large awkward dishes that otherwise would not fit.

This model also features a child lock which is particularly useful if your family includes young children.

You’d have to look hard for drawbacks to this machine and the best you’d come up with is possibly a slightly dim LED light when in operation but this really is scraping the bottom of the barrel.

Overall this is an excellent choice for a flatbed solo microwave. It will cook your food nice and evenly, it’s easy to clean and looks great. It ticks many boxes and had to be selected as one of only 3 for our pick for the best flatbed solo microwave.

#3 – Best 1000 Watt Microwave: Panasonic NN-CT57JMBPQ


We think the Panasonic NN-CT57JMBPQ 1000 watt microwave would make a great addition to your kitchen especially if you have a large family but are tight on space. It has lots of features that are well executed and it looks fantastic.

Key Features

+ 1000W of power for quick and easy meals
+ Inverter cooking technology for precise and evenly cooked food
+ Large capacity (27L) for meeting your family needs
+ Small footprint – great for small kitchens or tight spaces
+ Dimensions: D39.5cm x W52cm x H31cm

Panasonic NN-CT57JMBPQ Review

The Panasonic NN-CT57JMBPQ combines ample cooking space with a microwave, oven and grill. In addition you also get a well thought out design that saves you lots of counter-space. This makes the Panasonic NN-CT57JMBPQ the perfect option if you need lots of cooking capacity but are tight for space.

It’s why it’s our pick for the best microwave for a family of 5 with a small kitchen.

If you’re simply looking for a quick and easy way to heat up your food then this machine is overqualified for your needs. However, if you want to be able to do just about everything from defrosting bacon, to perfectly reheating leftover rice, baking cakes and roasting lamb then this model could be just what your looking for.

This is a 3-in-1 combination microwave, oven and grill – giving you everything you need for cooking for your family all in one great appliance. The combination is a great space saver as well as money saver.

One of the best things about the Panasonic NN-CT57JMBPQ is the inverter technology. Most conventional microwave ovens use a method of cooking which means the power is at 100% all the time and simply alternates between on and off during a cycle.

With Panasonic’s inverter technology on the other hand, the power is steady. For example if you set it to 50%, the power will be maintained at that level for the whole time.

This precise power controls results in foods cooked exactly how you want them and much more evenly.

The technology also means you do not have to deal with cold spots when heating food and defrosting is done a lot more efficiently.

It also cooks and heats foods much more quickly than a conventional microwave oven. These benefits are all evident with the Panasonic NN-CT57JMBPQ.

At 1000Watts you will also have a very powerful microwave oven that can have your food cooked quickly.

In conventional microwave ovens the cooling fan is located at the back of the machine. In the Panasonic NN-CT57JMBPQ, the fan has been moved to the top of the oven resulting in a much smaller footprint (39.5cm depth). This leaves you with far more countertop space perfect for smaller kitchens.

Internally Panasonic have found a way to give you more space as well with a 34cm turntable meaning you can get even the biggest of dishes into the oven.

Overall you get 27Litre cooking capacity which is great if you have a large family or tend to cook big meals.

The machine comes equipped with plenty of pre-set cooking programmes including a kids menu to encourage healthy eating. You simply enter the weight of the food and the oven does the rest.

Quite helpfully the control panel is wipe clean meaning even if it does get smudged or grubby whilst using, its an easy job to wipe it down.

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