Toshiba Microwave Oven ML-EM23PSS Review

Toshiba Microwave Oven ML-EM23PSS Review

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+ 800W of power for fast cooking
+ 23litre capacity
+ Unique multi-stage cooking
+ Child lock
– Bigger than it can appear

Toshiba Microwave Oven ML-EM23PSS Review

The Toshiba Microwave ML-EM23PSS (digital) offers pretty everything you’d want in a solo microwave and does it all for a price that will have you double-checking your receipt once you’ve got it working. It offers jaw-dropping value for money, excellent style, great functionality and a compact footprint with a roomy interior.

Straight out of the box you’ll see why it’s one of the most attractive countertop microwaves available, our #1 choice for best looking countertop microwave and one of the best selling units on Amazon. The silver coating with the black door gives it a modern and stylish look that would fit in any kitchen counter looking for slick additions to its line-up.

The digital touch control panel adds to the modern feel of the Toshiba Microwave ML-EM23P(SS) (digital). Though this may appear daunting at first, it’s relatively easy to use. In fact how easy it is to use this microwave is one of the things that users mention most when scoring it highly. If you need some guidance on the controls, the instruction manual will have you covered.

With 800Watts of power behind it the Toshiba Microwave Oven ML-EM23PSS 23L Digital will cook your food quickly and effectively.

To make the most of the power it also comes with several one-touch preprogrammed options for making your favourite foods, a particular favourite amongst users.

The control panel has a fluorescent green display making it easily visible from across the room.

It also has a novel multi-stage cooking setting which allows you to programme in two cycles in one. For example you could boil rice at 80% for 5 minutes and then set it to simmer at 40% for another 10 minutes. This can be a great time-saver as there’s no need to go back to it part-way through.

You’ll be pleased to find that it’s also easy to clean with countless users also remaking on the same thing. The coated lining of the interior makes it straightforward to wipe it down after use.

It has an ample 23 litre capacity which would suit a family quite well but also wouldn’t be too big for smaller households.

The Toshiba Microwave ML-EM23PSS comes with a stainless steel exterior which makes it looks sleek and gives it a high-end feel. The door has stainless steel outer edge with a black middle finish.

Something to keep in mind is that some users have mentioned that it’s bigger than it looks in the photos so make sure you pay attention to the stated dimensions when buying.


All in all the Toshiba Microwave ML-EM23PSS (digital) is a great option if you want a microwave that does its job well, looks great but also offers excellent value for money. There are not many options out there that will give you this kind of combination at this kind of price and come so highly rated. With the Toshiba Microwave ML-EM23PSS, Toshiba have produced a great microwave that has turned out to be a real crowd-pleaser with users.


Type:Solo Microwave; Countertop
Power:800 Watts
Capacity:23Litre (0.81 cu)
Internal Dimensions:W31.4cm x D34.7cm x H22.1cm
External Dimensions:W48.5cm x D39.7cm x H29.3cm
Colour:Stainless Steel
Special Features:Child Lock; Multi-Stage Cooking; Defrost by weight & time

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