Best Coffee Machine for Christmas that you’ll love

Best Coffee Machine For Christmas
Best Coffee Machine For Christmas

There’s always a good time for great coffee but nothing better than buying Best Coffee Machine for Chritmas Gift for your loved ones.

Coffee machines could make a perfect Christmas gift for you or a loved one. They could also be a great addition to the home at a time when people are taking time out to relax.

In this article we’re going to take a look at the top contenders for best coffee machine for Christmas.

Best Coffee Machine For Christmas


Let’s delve into some of the most impressive coffee machines around that could make great Christmas gifts.

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Sage The Oracle Touch

When only the most high-tech and advanced will do then the Oracle Touch from Sage fully automatic bean to cup coffee machine is the way to go. With this premium looking coffee machine you get a touch screen which simplifies how you make your favourite coffee into 3 easy to follow steps: grind, brew and milk. At each stage it gives you a set of easy to understand options to create your desired drink.

To make things even better the Oracle Touch also gives you the ability to adjust the coffee strength, milk texture or temperature to cater to your needs in the best way possible.

To save you time and hassle thereafter, you can also save your favourite drink setup as the Oracle Touch allows you to program up to 8 of your own customised drinks.

In terms of choice of drinks, the Sage Oracle Touch gives you plenty of breadth whether it’s an espresso, flat white, cappucino or long black straight from the automated menu.

To give you added peace of mind, this high-grade machine also comes with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Sage The Barista Touch

Look around for high-quality coffee machines and you’ll quickly find Sage feature heavily. One of their most well received efforts has to be the Barista Touch offering a smooth touchscreen experience for the user and automatic coffee brewing. Deploying an easy to follow 3-step process for walking you through the coffee making process – grind, brew and milk, the Barista Touch offers easy to understand menu selections at each stage.

The Barista Touch is a great alternative to the Oracle Touch if you like it’s features and style but not the price tag. Though still at the high-end of the market, it’s typically available for half the price. The Barista Touch also has a smaller footprint than the Oracle Touch.

Quite impressively the Sage Barista Touch comes with an automatic milk texturing function where a steam wand will help to create cafe style milk based drinks with high quality micro-foam. It will also allow you to regulate the temperature as well as the texture of your milk.

One of the things that stands out the most out of many aspects of the Barista Touch is its rapid heating system which will get to the required temperature in just 3 seconds reducing the time from bean to cup.

Sage The Barista Express

Sage/Breville Barista express
Sage/Breville Barista express

If you love the look of the Sage Barista Touch and Oracle Touch but cannot bring yourself to spend that kind of money as well perhaps wanting a more hands on experience, then the Barista Express may be a great go to option.

The Barista Express brings the high-grade brushed stainless steel look of it’s more expensive counterparts but with a much closer manual barista experience to your home. With its manual milk microfoaming you’ll have the chance to really work on your barista skills and get your milk based drinks tasting and looking just how you want them.

The Barista Express allows you to grind your roasted coffee beans just when you need them brewed meaning you get the best of the flavour just after they’re ground. Available in a brushed steel colour as well as black, the Barista Express could be a perfect addition to someone’s home at Christmas or indeed the whole year round.

De’Longhi Eletta (ECAM 44.660.B)

The Delonghi Eletta is one of the best all-round bean to cup coffee machines that we’ve come across. The Delonghi Eletta provides an automated coffee-making experience with the ability to select a range of different drinks including cappuccinos, espressos, and lattes at the touch of a button.

The Delonghi Eletta comes with a fully integrated bean grinder allowing you to prepare your roasted beans just at the point of brewing maximising the aroma and flavour you can get. It also has an integrated automatic milk system for providing foamed or steamed milk for your desired milk-based drink be it a cappuccino, latte or flat white.

To help you get the most out of the machine, it also allows you to save your favourite drinks configuration for continued future use.

As well as taking whole beans for grinding, the excellent Delonghi Eletta will also allow you to use pre-ground coffee giving you an extra layer of flexibilty.

De’Longhi Magnifica (ESAM 4200.S)

The De’Longhi Magnifica is great option if you want a highly user rated bean to cup coffee machine with some level of manual intervention involved and don’t want to pay a premium price.

The Magnifica gives you the ability to brew cup of espresso at the touch of a button with its integrated coffee bean grinder and brewing unit.

To make your favourite milk based drinks it comes with a manual milk frother which will allow you to create the velvty texture of your desired drink or heat up the milk as you need.

The Magnifica gets near enough universal praise from a very happy user base who consistently comment on how great the coffee tastes and how easy it is to use the machine.

At this price point however, you won’t be getting a machine with the same feel as the Delonghi Eletta for example with its stainless steel design. The Magnifica is made of plastic and so has a different type of look and feel.

Ultimately at this sort of price range, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better user rated all-rounder than the Delonghi Magnifica and it could make a great Christmas gift.

Smeg ECF01PBUK – Traditional Pump Espresso Machine

Smeg Traditional Pump Espresso
Smeg Traditional Pump Espresso

If you’re after a traditional pump espresso machine to make someone’s (or your) Christmas even more special then the Smeg could be an excellent option.

Like all Smeg kitchen products, the style and design is immediately appealing. The stainless steel construction is housed in a 1950’s era look to give the machine a real vintage yet high-cut feel.

The Smeg ECF01PBUK comes with a flow stop function which will allow you to adjust the length of your coffee. It also features a measurer and 15 bar pressing system giving you control of how your espresso is made.

It is equipped with a heating system that gets things going rapidly to give your coffee in a matter of minutes.

To give you a wider range of choice in terms of drinks, the Smeg ECF01PBUK also comes with an adjustable cappuccino system. Indeed the milk steamer and frother is something that is consistently mentioned by users for how well it works when making milk based drinks.

In addition, users consistently praise the quality of coffee it makes as well as how great it looks and how easy it is to use it.

With its elegant look and compact design, the Smeg ECF01PBUK could make a great addition for someone’s kitchen this Christmas.

Nespresso by Krups Inissia Coffee Capsule Machine

When it comes to making great coffee with as little hassle as possible then a pod/capsule coffee machine is the way to go and they don’t come much better than the Nespresso Inissia at this sort of price range.

The Nespresso Inissia is a stylish looking capsule machine with a compact footprint, perfect when you are tight on space in the kitchen or just want something that won’t be imposing.

With a quick heating system that will get your brew to the right temperature in just 25 seconds, you’ll be able to quickly move on to enjoying your desired cup of coffee.

What makes pod/capsule coffee machines so appealing over others is the fact you simply pop in a capsule and then press a button to get your desired coffee in this case either an espresso or lungo. That’s it; no hassle, no mess. With this system you don’t have to worry about consistency in taste as there’s no intervention required from you once you pop the capsule and press the button.

The Nespresso Inissia comes with an energy saving mode that will automatically turn the machine off after its been inactive for 9 minutes (can be adjusted to up to 30 minutes of inactivity).

The Nespresso Inissia gets very high praise from its user base who love the quality of the coffee it makes as well as its simplicity and no-mess operation.

If you need a Christmas gift that delivers great coffee in a hassle-free manner than the Nespresso Inissia may be the one to go with.