What Is The Best Juicer For Carrots?

Carrots make for great juice options. They’re full of vital nutrients and vitamins. But it’s not always easy for juicing machines to process them, some do a great job others not so much.

So, what is the best juicer for carrots? We’ve taken a look around to find the best juicer for carrots and presented the top contenders below.

What Type Of Juicer Is Best For Carrots?


There are two main types of electric juicers on the market (i) Centrifugal and (ii) Masticating.

Centrifugal juicers are machines that work by slicing through fruit and vegetables at high speed. Whilst masticating juicers grind down fibres slowly and drawing juice under pressure.

When it comes to carrots, both types are capable of doing a good job so you will have plenty of options. The fast spinning blades of the centrifugal machines means even the toughest of fibres can be shredded efficiently. Whilst the grinding power found in many masticating models is perfect for celery sticks.

What Is The Best Juicer For Carrots?

With types of possible juicers now clear for a our carrots, lets now take a look at the 3 top models we have selected.

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1 – Philips HR1867/21 Viva Collection Juicer – Best Value

Equipped with a powerful motor perfect for shredding tough fibres and two speeds, the Philips HR1867/21 would be a great choice for juicing carrots

With a comfortably large 7.5cm loading tube, there’s little prep needed for your fruit and vegetables. This will mean you can fit juicing into even the most tight of morning schedules.

For even more convenience the sieve has smooth surfaces al round which makes it easier to clean the leftover fibres after your finished.

At 3.47kg this machine is easily moved in and out of cupboards.

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This Braun Juicer is a great all-rounder and will do the job of juicing carrots perfectly. With 2 speeds capable of tackling even the hardest of fruit and vegetables, this will make light work of most recipes.

The large 7.5cm feeding tube ensures you never have to do much to your carrots before dropping them in. It also means you can use this machine if you’re short of time in the mornings. The anti-drip and anti-spray features will also help with quick clean up.

This juicer is capable of producing a glass within 15 seconds which is great if you’re in a rush. It also comes with 1.25m jug.

The only real issue for you to consider with this machine is the 6kg weight which could make it tricky to move around the kitchen.

Otherwise, we think this is a great pick if you’re looking for juicer for your carrots and more.

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3 – Sage BJE520UK the Nutri Juicer Plus

If you’re looking for a more high-end option for your carrot juice then this may be it. This Sage machine will extract every last bit of goodness out of your carrots and whatever else you stick inside it.

An extra large 8.4cm feeding tube means you can insert most fruit and vegetables whole which saves time on prep.

This machine comes with an impressive 2 year repair and replacement promise plus a 5 year motor warranty. The motor is a 5 speed model meaning you’ll easily be able to process those carrots and more.

Weighing in at 7.5kg however, this machine is quite heavy so you will need to consider whether that would be an issue for you.

All things considered however, we think this is a great addition to any kitchen and one the best juicers for carrots.

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