What Is The Best 2 Slice Toaster To Buy?

There are not many better things in life than 2 perfectly cooked slices of toast. No matter what style you need to fit into your kitchen there’s probably a brand and model out there for you. But what is the best 2 slice toaster to buy?

We’ve worked to compile our list of the contenders for the best 2 slice toaster to help you decide on which machine would be best for you.

What Is The Best 2 Slice Toaster To Buy?


Let’s take a look at what is the best 2 slice toaster to buy.

1 – Dualit Classic 2 Slot Toaster

As well as getting an excellent toaster with the Dualit Classic 2 Slot toaster you are also adding a beautifully hand-crafted piece of design to enhance your kitchen.

Each Dualit Classic is hand made in the UK (you can find the name of the engineer at the bottom) and it really shows in the quality and sophistication of the finish.

This model combines excellent functionality and high-end design to give you perfectly crisp toast on the outside but fluffiness on the inside with every use.

Dualit have over 60 years of experience in making high quality toasters and it definitely shows with the Classic. Your toast will come out evenly cooked especially once you’ve figured out how long you like yours done. To toast your bread you turn the mechanical dial to the time you want and wait for it to rotate.

Unlike many other toasters on the market, this model has a manual lever which allows you to lift the toast and check its progress without interrupting the process.

Quite usefully the toaster also has bagel setting in a addition to reheat and defrost functions.

To save you on energy, you can opt to only have one slot on.

We like the copper finish on this model but it also comes in silver, black, white, red and cream.

Adding to the unique characteristics of this toaster is the fact it is specifically designed for easy self-maintenance. The screws are located in easy to reach areas meaning DIY repair is relatively straightforward. Quite helpfully Dualit also sell spare parts on their website should you need them. The idea being that your machine should last a several years without you needing to replace it entirely.

At £126 (on Amazon at the time of writing) it is certainly not the cheapest option on the market however, if you’re budget can stretch that far then you’ll be getting a highly durable machine that should last you many years.

Key Features

  • Manual lever allow you to check progress without interrupting cycle
  • Bagel setting
  • Defrost setting meaning you can toast from frozen
  • Reheat function allowing you to warm up toast if needed
  • Dimensions: 26 x 25.5 x 25 cm

2 – Morphy Richards Dimensions 2 Slice Toaster

We love this Morphy Richard Dimensions 2 slice toaster as it combines an excellent product that looks expensive at a great affordable price.

The controls are nice and easy with a 1 -7 setting meaning you can easily get your toast to the perfect level of brown for your needs.

The defrost function makes a great addition to this model meaning you can make your toast straight from frozen. This is particularly useful as it means you can afford to freeze your bread when you buy it – handy if your bread tends to go off before you finish it.

This model is also equipped with a reheat function, great if you ever need to warm up your bread quickly if you didn’t get a chance to eat it whilst it was hot.

Usefully the Dimensions Black 2 also comes with a cancel button allowing you to interrupt a program part-way through; this is really useful when you want to get your bread to specific shade of brown.

To make your life as easy as possible, this toaster has a crumb collector at the bottom making clean up as stress free as can be.

As well as being easy to clean, the Dimensions 2 slice toaster comes with cord storage leaving the machine with a real clutter free look on your counter.

This excellent Morphy Richards appliance is available in black, white, grey and cream. It can also be partnered with a matching kettle.

Key Features
  • Defrost bread straight from the freezer with the defrost function
  • Reheat toast whenever you need to
  • Cancel button for interrupting cycles
  • Variable browning control to cook your bread just right
  • Dimensions: 25 x 22 x 18.5 cm

3 – Breville VTT529 Impressions 2-Slice

The Breville VTT529 Impressions 2 slice toaster delivers quite a punch for the price you pay.

The high gloss finish with chrome detailing gives this toaster a real high-end feel to it. To make things even better you can pair this up with a matching kettle to complete the look and upgrade in your kitchen.

The VTT529’s looks are easily matched by the functions it offers. With settings between 1 to 9, you will always be able to find the perfect browning level for your toast.

A cancel button which is always a must is included with this model giving you the opportunity to easily abort your cycle whenever you need to.

Another feature you would expect to find is its reheat button which is quite handy if you ever forget your toast and need to warm it up quickly.

What makes this toaster an extra edge over many at this price range is its Lift and Look lever allowing you to raise the slices to monitor progress without having to cancel the cycle.

In addition, its high lift facility means smaller slices of bread can be pushed out without having to risk burning your fingers.

It also comes equipped with a defrost button allowing you to take slices straight from the freezer and keep your bread for longer saving you money along the way.

To make cleaning a hassle-free affair, this toaster comes with a pull-out crumb tray.

Another nice bonus with this model is the variable width bread slots for both thick and thin slices.

Key Features
  • Lift and Look lever to check progress without cancelling
  • High lift facility for taking smaller bread out without burning your fingers
  • Easy pull-out crumb tray to make cleaning easy

4 – Dualit 26205 2-Slot Lite Toaster

Dualit toasters are nothing short of iconic in the world of toasters. It is not just the superior nature of their designs but also the durability of their machines which is so admired.

The Dualit 26205 is no exception. Its sleek chrome gloss finish gives it a sleek look. The classic look is combined with several modern features meaning you get a lot of value for what you pay.

The peep and pop function means you can easily check up on the progress of your toast without stopping the cycle.

One of the features that really sets this toaster apart is its patented browning technology. This will essentially ensure your toast is perfectly golden brown every time by calculating cooking time by checking the temperature of the toast and its surroundings. This removes the trial and error involved with a lot of toasters whilst you try find your perfect cycle.

As well as bread, this model also has a bagel setting. In addition due to its extra wide slots it can also toast thicker slices and great toasties in a Sandwich Cage (sold separately). This extra capability is a real bonus and means you potentially do not have to spend extra for a toastie maker.

The removable bread crumb tray makes it really easy to clean the machine whenever you need to.

A high lift lever means you can avoid burning your fingers when you want to take out smaller items like crumpets. Whilst the defrost function allows you to defrost items straight from the freezer which is great for keeping your bread fresher for longer.

Key Features
  • Peek and pop function means you can check up on your toast without stopping your cycle
  • Extra wide slots meaning you can toast thicker slices
  • Bagel setting for the perfect bagels
  • Dimensions:17(w) x 27(d) x 20(h) cm

What Features Should I Look Out For?

Keep Warm: A useful button to keep your toast at a warm temperature and ready for your butter when you are. This is usually a 30 second or one minute cycle to heat your cold bread.

Defrost: A great feature if you like to keep your bread fresh for longer by freezing it. This feature will defrost your bread and depending on the model get the process of toasting started.

Reheat: This is handy when you get distracted and come back to cold toast.

Cancel: A fairly standard setting that will allow you to cancel a cycle mid-way, quite helpful if you need to add just a little bit of brown after a first run.

Bagel: This will typically toast your bread on one-side, useful for bagels, English muffins, crumpets and the like.

High Lift: This can be particularly useful if you’re not toasting full length bread as it will bring the bread well above the rim of the toaster saving your from burning your fingers.

Crumb Tray: A crumb tray will catch the bits of bread that fall off during the process. They can prove to keep very useful when it comes to cleaning the toaster.

How Much Should I Pay?

Spending in the range of £25 – £60 should comfortably get you a functional as well as sleek looking toaster. Of course if you are able and willing to spend more there are lots of options on the market for high-end toasters that would your house look great.

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