Samsung MS23K3513AK Review

+ Looks brilliant
+ Anti-bacterial ceramic enamel
+ Deodorising function
– Difficult to see food when cooking

Samsung MS23K3513AK Review

The Samsung MS23K3513AK is simply pleasing. From the moment you first set eyes on it, you know you have a well designed microwave on your hands. It not only looks great but does fantastic job of cooking your food.

This thing looks great. Whats more – it cooks even better; is super-easy to clean; has a system to keep smelling fresh. Maybe best of all is that it still offers brilliant value for money.

If you can’t find the Samsung MS23K3513AK in stock at the moment, take a look at the Samsung MS23F301TAK/EU which offers similar features and performance at around the same price.

The Samsung MS23K3513AK cooks brilliantly but we will get to that. First it’s hard to ignore just how sleek and stylish this lovely microwave looks. As you would expect from a Samsung product its all smooth lines and curved edges leaving you with a microwave that looks like it was designed in the future and sent back to make the rest of your kitchen appliances feel bad.

It also has the look and feel of a high quality and durable model which is very much reflected in the high ratings it consistently receives from users.

The trademark Samsung all black exterior works brilliantly with this design. It’s rare that you find a microwave that looks great with the door open as well as closed but somehow the Samsung MS23K3513AK manages to do just that. The internal cavity is crafted from ceramic enamel which is exceptionally smooth, highly scratch resistant and best of all has antibacterial properties.

The smoothness of the interior makes the Samsung MS23K3513AK very easy to clean as you can simply wipe it down with a damp cloth.

As well as the antibacterial and easy clean interior, the Samsung MS23K3513AK also has another feature to help keep the microwave as clean and hygienic as possible; deodorisation. This function works by eliminating the strong ordours from the interior of the microwave meaning it stays smelling fresher for much longer.

But as if the aesthetics and after-care were not enough to make the Samsung MS23K3513AK stand out, this microwave also happens to cook your food brilliantly. It has a unique triple distribution heating system that heats your food from 3 different points within the cavity rather than the typical one. This results in heat being more evenly distributed within the microwave and food that comes out without those annoying random cold spots.

With 800W of cooking power, the Samsung MS23K3513AK also cooks your food quickly saving you time as well as energy.

To further help you save money on energy, the Samsung MS23K3513AK comes equipped with an Eco mode that will reduce power consumption when its on standby. In addition, if you forget to close the door once you’ve used it, the interior light will switch itself off after 5 minutes.

Quite helpfully it has a 30 second start for cooking which is brilliant if you mostly (like 98% of the population) use your microwave to quickly reheat your food as well defrost items.

That’s one of the things that stands out overall with the Samsung MS23K3513AK; it’s simplicity. It is very easy to use and although it has lots of auto functions and features; the core functions that you will need such as quick cooking and defrosting are clearly indicated and easy to pick up.

It has 6 power levels giving you a wide range of options to find the best cooking conditions for your food.

The Samsung MS23K3513AK also comes with an incredible 20 pre-set autocook functions to take care of pretty much all of your likely cooking and heating needs including ready meals, various types of vegetables as well as fish and chicken. The thorough instruction manual will talk you through the various options and also suggest recipe ideas.

Another brilliant auto-cooking feature is a button to melt/soften foods like butter, sugar and your favourite chocolate desserts.

The Samsung MS23K3513AK has a 23 litre capacity meaning it will easily cater for an average sized family as well as couples.

The only slight gripe that some people seem to have with this wonderful Samsung MS23K3513AK is difficulty seeing into the cooking cavity whilst it’s in operation. However, this does not seem to be a consistent complaint and if you look close up enough the light should provide you with enough visibility though it is something to bear in mind.


Overall the Samsung MS23K3513AK offers an excellent solo microwave that looks amazing, cooks even better, is easy to use and offers brilliant value for money. Given the sort of price you’ll be paying for this, it would be difficult to find another high quality premium microwave that would offer the same attributes at a better price.

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