Samsung MS23F301TAK/EU Microwave Review

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+ Unique deodorising features
+ ECO mode to save energy and money
+ Eliminate cold spots with the Triple Distribution System
+ Looks great
– Difficult to clearly see food as it cooks

Samsung MS23F301TAK/EU Microwave Review

The Samsung MS23F301TAK offers you brilliant value for money, cooks food brilliantly, looks very stylish, is easy to use and comes very highly rated and offers some unique features. Rarely do you find that many attributes coming together in a microwave, though Samsung seem to know how to knock them out.

You won’t quite believe the value your getting with the Samsung MS23F301TAK for the money you pay and your disbelief will start from the unboxing.

As far as kitchen appliances go, the Samsung MS23F301TAK is a marvel to behold. Simply put it just looks so slick. It has an all black exterior aside from the door handle and selection knob which complement it with a silver finish. The crystal blue LED display adds a real crispness to the front.

The delight doesn’t stop there because when you open the door, which has a real quality feel about it with none of the flimsyness you sometimes get with poor models, your greeted with a enamal ceramic interior. This has many benefits aside from looking cool; it’s anti-bacterial, highly scratch resistant as well as being super smooth for easy cleaning.

To make the job of keeping your microwave fresh over time it comes equipped with a deodorising feature that will help eliminate smells after a cycle.

No matter what you use your microwave for, with the Samsung MS23F301TAK your food will get cooked quickly but more importantly evenly. This thanks to Samsung’s Triple Distribution System which cooks your food from 3 different sources rather than emitting microwaves from just one spot as you would find in ordinary microwaves.

The Triple Distribution System allied with 800W of cooking power means you’ll be eating your food in good time without the need to go back to the kitchen as you’ve found a random cold spot in the middle of your leftovers.

You’ll quickly notice how easy it is to use this microwave as the controls are kept free from complications. This makes sense when you consider around 98% of microwave users only make use of them for heating and defrosting food.

You’ll have 6 power levels to get the full range of use of the 800W as well as a multitude (20) of auto-cook programmes.

To help keep your family safe in the kitchen, there’s a useful child lock feature.

Whilst the ECO mode will help you to save some money off your energy bills as it conserves power when not in use.

One thing to bare in mind that some users mention is the fact it can be hard to see through the door unless you are up close due to the black tint. However, this does not seem to be a universal complaint and is a small niggle when you consider what your getting for the price and all the features.

Whether you have a family or are a couple the Samsung MS23F301TAK has plenty of cooking space with an overall capacity of 23 litres.


In summary, the Samsung MS23F301TAK is a real classy option for your kitchen as well as your wallet. It offers best-in-class design features from Samsung as you would expect but even more importantly does the job of heating, defrosting and cooking your food very well. If you like the design and functionality of the Samsung MS23F301TAS but would prefer something similar in all black then the Samsung MS23F301TAK might be the solution for you.