Panasonic NN-DS596BBPQ Review

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Panasonic NN-DS596BBPQ Review

Unique steam cooking feature?
4-in-1 combination microwave, oven, grill and steam cooking
Flatbed design for 29% more space than conventional turntable model?
Very spacious 27 litre capacity giving you plenty of space to cook?

The Panasonic NN-DS596BBPQ is a great flatbed combination microwave that packs plenty of features including a unique steam cooking function.

The NN-DS596BBPQ is a 4-in-1 combination machine with microwave, oven, grill and steam cooking. The addition of the steam cooking function really makes it stand out as it not something you see everyday.

The steam cooking option can be used in the oven mode as well as the grill and microwave settings. This is a great setting as it allows you to keep your food moist whilst also reducing the time it can take to prepare dishes. Steaming is also a very healthy way to cook your food, particularly vegetables.

The NN-DS596BBPQ is a flatbed microwave rather than the classic turntable. As there is no awkward turntable in the middle of the machine it means you have an extra 29% of cooking space.

The flat base also makes it much easier to clean up spills and food splatter compared to conventional turntable models.

This Panasonic model comes with a handy ribbed tray (Pana-crunch pan). This fits the width of the machine and be used for the oven and grill.

The ribbed tray works particularly well in the combi mode. The microwave heat is absorbed by the base and used to cook the underside of the food. The grill cooks it from above resulting in food that is cooked evenly.

As you would expect from a well spec-ed Panasonic model, there are lots of useful auto cooking settings to help you make the most of your machine. In addition the inverter technology means food is cooked precisely without the need for constant re-heating.

Final Verdict: Given the price range (check the latest price on Amazon), this certainly not a budget option. However, if your budget can stretch this far then you will be getting a great machine that combines 4 appliances in 1 in an effective way. If you like the features but are slightly puff off by the price are however, put off by the price the Panasonic NN-DF386BBPQ could be a great alternative. This has most of the same features aside from the steam cooking and should cost you less.

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