Microwaves With Ceramic Interior: Top 3

There are no shortages of features in microwaves but one of the most notable are microwaves with ceramic interior.

Below we’ll take a look at what is ceramic enamel in microwaves as well as some of the benefits of this type of coating. Lastly we’ll consider some of the best microwaves with ceramic interior.

What Is Ceramic Enamel in Microwaves?


Ceramic enamel in microwaves refers to microwaves that are lined with a hard smooth enamel coating.

Advantages of Microwaves With Ceramic Interior

Here are some of the main advantages of microwaves with ceramic interior.

Easy To Clean

One of the main advantages of ceranmic enamel coating in microwaves is that they are easy to clean. The hard but smooth surface makes them quite straightforward to wipe down with a damp cloth.

A major reason for this is that they are very smooth surfaces. This kind of property would clearly be very helpful in a microwave which is likely to see a lot of splatter and spillages from foods.

Scratch Resistance

Another major property which makes microwaves with ceramic interior attractive is the fact they tend to be highly highly scratch resistant.

This makes them attractive as a coacting for microwaves as they tend to see a lot of action which could cause them damage.

It Looks Good

Ceramic enamel interior microwaves may also be preferred to stainless steel for example because they may look better.

As they are smooth and more scratch as well as stain resistant this may result in them looking more attractive over a longer period which is appealing to both users and manufacturers.

Microwaves With Ceramic Interior

Let’s take a look at some of the best microwaves with ceramic interior.

1 – Toshiba MV-AM20T(BK) Microwave Oven With Ceramic Interior

When it comes to microwaves with ceramic interior, the Toshiba MV-AM20T(BK) offers a slick and highly user rated choice. This makes the microwave far easier to clean as well as more scratch resistant than other types of surfaces. It also means that the coating suffers less from staining.

The Toshiba MV-AM20T(BK) offers some great features. With 800W of power you get good cooking range as well as 5 power levels. In addition, you get a 20 litre capacity which typically provides good capacity for smaller households.

Quite helpfully you get 12 different auto programmes to cook your favourite types of foods including pizza, potatoes and popocorn. The Toshiba MV-AM20T(BK) also comes with multi-stage cooking allowing you to run multiple cooking programmes e.g. deforst and then cook.

In terms of drawbacks there are a few notable ones from user reviews. One of the most common ones seems to be users struggling to read the writing on the buttons on the control panel. In addition some users have noted pools of condensation after use. Lastly though it is advertised as 850W some users state this is actually 800W and this is backed up by the user manual so be sure to double check your needs.

All in all the Toshiba MV-AM20T(BK) offers a great option if you need a microwave with a ceramic enamel interior that’s comfortably under £100.

2 – Samsung MS23F301TAK/EU Solo Microwave With Ceramic Enamel

Samsung being Samsung even their microwaves look they were made for a high-end superhero movie. As far as microwaves with ceramic interior go, this wonderfully named Samsung MS23F301TAK/EU solo microwave is a great shout.

The ceramic enamel interior gives it a slick and smooth finish which is highly scratch resistant and very easy to clean. Indeed the benefits of the ceramic enamel interior is one of the most notable features that comes up time and again. Users seem to very much appreciate being able to clean it down with a simple damp cloth.

As well as the ceramic enamel interior, users seem to like the way the Samsung MS23F301TAK/EU microwave goes about its job often noting that food is cooked evenly throughout. This is likely helped by Samsung’s triple distribution heating system which emits microwaves from 3 seperate points rather than the standard 1, resulting in better cooked food and the elimination of random cold pots.

A unique deoorising system helps to get rid of odours which is a welcome addition to the microwave given the amount of use most will get.

Another not often seen feature is a memory function which will allow you to log your favourite cooking power and time for the dishes you cook most often.

One of the few drawbacks of what are otherwise glowing recommendations from users is the view that food can be hard to see through the microwave door. This is also not helped in instances where users complain of issues with the internal light. In addition some users make note that the microwave briefly comes on as you open the door.

Overall, the Samsung MS23F301TAK/EU offers a great high quality choice if you want a microwave with ceramic enamel interior.

3 – Sharp YC-MG81U-S Digital Touch Control Microwave – Combination Microwave With Ceramic Enamel

The Sharp YC-MG81U-S offers a great option if you want a combination microwave with ceramic interior as it also has a grill function.

The ceramic enamel coating offers a highly scratch resistant internal surface which is easy to clean as well as looking quite attractive. Indeed this is something that is often noted in glowing user reviews.

The Sharp YC-MG81U-S is equipped with an 900W microwave and 1100W grill which can be run as (a) microwave only (b) grill only and (c) microwave & grill.

The microwaves comes with 11 different power levels offering you a great range of flexibility with the 900W of power. There’s also 8 auto cook programmes for a range of foods such as potatoes and frozen vegetables.

At 28 litres the Sharp YC-MG81U-S offers excellent capacity that would suit larger households more than the other models on this list. The turntable is an ample 31.5cm meaning it can also take larger sized plates than the other models.

In terms of drawbacks, what seems to stand out from critical user reviews is issues with the display after some use though it must be noted this does not appear to be a universal issue. In addition, some users have highlighted their irritation at the beeping which can continue every few minutes after a time sequence is done.

Overall, the Sharp YC-MG81U-S may offer a good option if you need a microwave and grill combination at a reasonable price.

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