Best Microwave For Under £100

These days there are no shortage of high quality microwaves that are well priced. Indeed it’s quite common to find very good microwaves for under £100.

As microwaves have been around for decades and there’s plenty of competition amongst brands, you no longer have to spend the earth to find great qualty microwaves.

That’s why in this article we are going to take a look at the top 5 options for the best microwave for under £100.

Best Microwave For Under £100: Top 5 Options


1: Russell Hobbs RHM2076S Turbo Lite Digital Solo Microwave

When it comes to producing highly user rated microwaves, that look great and come under £100, Russell Hobbs seem to have it nailed. This is definitely the case for our number #1 pick for best microwave for under £100 – the Russell Hobbs RHM2076S Turbo Lite Digital microwave.

The Russell Hobbs RHM2076S solo microwave has several great features which deliver what you need from a microwave. It is rated at 800watts of cooking power which should give you plenty of power for getting the job done. It also comes with 5 different power levels giving you a good range of options for getting the food the way you need it.

Another useful feature is the auto-cook menus which will let you select a range of foods that can be cooked based on pre-determined criteria. This feature is equipped with 8 different food categories including fish meat and pasta. The microwave will automatically calculate the cooking time based on the weight and type of food helping to remove the guesswork for you.

As you’ll quickly note, the Russell Hobbs RHM2076S looks sleek and users have noted how it looks way more expensive than it is and we’d have to agree.

The Russell Hobbs RHM2076S comes bearing a 20litre capacity which is a typical size for microwaves. However, it’s worth noting that one of the most commonly cited drawbacks of this model from user reviews is that they feel it is smaller than they had hoped. Be sure to closely check the product dimensions prior to purchase to make sure it is suitable for you.

Additionally some users note that the door tends to pick up finger smudges quite easily though it must be said this is a common theme in microwaves with this type of mirror door finish.

Overall, the Russell Hobbs RHM2076S solo microwave offers excellent value for money for a unit that is very highly rated by users. If the sizing works for you then this is a great option for the best microwave for under £100.

2: SHARP YC-MS01U-B 800W Solo Microwave

When it comes to microwaves there are no older and more reliable names than Sharp who invented the first microwave with a turntable in the 1960s.

The Sharp YC-MS01U-B solo microwave continues that rich tradition providing a very highly rated microwave that’s a solid contender for best microwave for under £100.

The Sharp YC-MS01U-B is a sleek and solid offering. Offering up to 800 watts of cooking power it comes with 5 different power levels to give you a great range of options.

Quite helpfully it also has a defrost function.

One of the things that really stands out from user reviews of the Sharp YC-MS01U-B is how easy it is to use. And indeed when you study the user interface you can see why; just two manual dials for selecting the power and the time make it quite straightforward to use.

The Sharp YC-MS01U-B also comes with a 35 minute cooking time which could prove to be useful when the need arises.

With a 20litre capacity the Sharp YC-MS01U-B solo microwave provides a good level of cooking capacity though be sure to check the dimensions properly prior to purchase to make sure it will suit your needs.

The handle-less design of the Sharp YC-MS01U-B gives it a real sleek appearance. However, this is a feature that some users have not appreciated as they state it can make it difficult to open the door as you need to push quite firmly on it.

All in all the Sharp YC-MS01U-B is good solid option based on user reviews if you need a microwave that will do the job of heating and cooking your everyday foods with no unnecessary bells in whistles. Despite the user complaints of the door opening being difficult to operate in some instances, it’s still a great contender for best microwave for under £100.

3: Samsung MS23F301TAK/EU Solo Microwave

Samsung maintain their tradition of slick and well designed appliances with the Samsung MS23F301TAK/EU solo microwave which makes it on to the list of options for the best microwave for under £100.

As you would expect with Samsung product, it looks great from the outset with its black exterior and sleek silver door handle. Whichever way you look at it, you can’t help but get the feeling of a luxury product which is all the better as (at the current time of writing) it falls within the category of best microwave under £100.

Though one of the more expensive options in the best under £100 category, it has some unique features which help to set it apart in addition to its brilliant design.

First off is its ceramic enamel interior which aside from giving it a solid yet polished feel has a range of benefits. Chief among them is the fact that it makes the interior more stain and scratch resistant – perfect if you’re going to be making use of your microwave daily.

The other feature worthy of noting is Samsung’s stated triple distribution system which disperses microwaves from 3 different points within the cavity of the microwave rather than 1. This is supposed to produce more evenly cooked results and reduce the chances of cold spots in the food.

Another unique feature which some users have noted as being helpful is the deodiriser which will help to keep strong ordours away.

The Samsung MS23F301TAK/EU solo microwave also comes with a power defrost feature which helps with defrosting food quickly.

Something that may come in handy if you heat up or cook the same meal quite regularly is a memorisation function which will remember the cooking settings for your favourite meals.

If you’re particularly concerned with power consumption, this unit comes with an Eco mode designed to reduce consumption of power whilst on standby.

At 23litres the Samsung MS23F301TAK/EU solo microwave also offers a bit more capacity than some of the other options on the list. Though as ever be sure to check the dimensions before purchasing as some users have reported thinking it smaller than they expected.

Based on user reviews however, the main consistent disadvantage appears to be the shade of the door which means you can’t see your food inside. In addition, some users report issues with the internal light. A few reviews also make note of the machine revving up when opening the door.

Overall, the Samsung MS23F301TAK/EU solo microwave is one that has received a lot of high quality reviews from users. It offers a slick design alongside some unique and useful features. There are some noted drawbacks from users which you should take into account when considering for yourself however, all in all it is worth a look in the best microwave under £100 category.

4 – Sharp YC-MS02U-S Digital Solo Microwave

The SHARP YC-MS02U-S is another smart offering from Sharp that makes it on to the list of the best microwave for under £100.

With a smart silver and black exterior the SHARP YC-MS02U-S solo microwave offers plenty of useful features and comes with good reviews from users.

Equipped with up to 800W of microwave power and 11 different power levels, the SHARP YC-MS02U-S should offer plenty of versatility in your cooking and heating range.

Quite helpfully the unit is equipped with 8 cooking programes that cover a range of dishes including potatoes and pizza.

The handle-less door adds to the sense of a modern design whilst a digital LED display doubles as a kitchen timer or clock.

The control panel is described as a digital touch control panel though it should be noted that some users state you need to push down firmly to operate them. The point being do not expect the touch experience you get from a smartphone or tablet for example.

At a 20litre capacity the SHARP YC-MS02U-S would probably be well suited to a small household. As ever be sure to check the actual sizes and dimensions before purchasing to ensure they are suitable for your needs.

As with any product there are some drawbacks though the only one that really seems to stand out refers to user complaints of the touch buttons being hard to push though this does not appear to be a universal issue based on reviews.

All in all the SHARP YC-MS02U-S looks to offer a highly rated, solid option for the best microwave for under £100. With this unit, you get good value for money from a brand with a long-history of making microwaves.

5: Russell Hobbs RHEM2301S Easi Flatbed Microwave

Coming in at number 5 is the Russell Hobbs RHEM2301S Easi Flatbed digital microwave. This is the only flatbed microwave on the list and it just about sneaks in to the best microwave for under £100 as you are likely to get it for just under or around £100 so we thought it worth mentioning.

Flatbed microwaves, unlike the turntable type in position 1 to 4, do not have a spinning plate in the middle. These microwaves without a plate are termed flatbeds and have some key benefits. One of the most significant being the fact you can get larger dishes into a similar sized microwave than you could with a turntable style microwave. They can also be easier to clean especially with spills as some users have noted. Indeed the ease of use is something that gets mentioned time and again in user reviews.

The Russell Hobbs RHEM2301S Easi Flatbed really does focus on keeping things as easy as possible. With only 4 buttons to operate the microwave, it’s certainly the simplest microwave design we have come across.

The 4 buttons mean you can microwave, defrost, start and stop/cancel a cycle. It does away with any unnecassirly complicated auto cook options or power levels. This is great as the reality is most people who use microwaves only ever use them on one power setting.

The Russell Hobbs RHEM2301S Easi Flatbed is equipped with an internal diamond cavity like structure which is stated should improve the distribution of the microwaves. This should then result in more evenly cooked food.

In terms of drawbacks the most persistently noted one appears to be the internal light which can sometimes fail and seems difficult to rectify. Though they also note it doesn’t impact the operation of the microwave, it’s still something to consider.

Overall, the Russell Hobbs RHEM2301S Easi Flatbed microwave offers a great way into flatbed microwaves at a good price point. Flatbed microwaves have several benefits over traditional models and tend to be more expensive. However, the Russell Hobbs RHEM2301S Easi Flatbed appears to offer good value for money alongside some high ratings from users.