Do I Really Need A Microwave?

You’re thinking about getting a microwave or perhaps replacing one but every so often you catch yourself thinking “do I really need a microwave?”.

It’s a fair question and one that deserves to be asked before spending money on what is essentially a luxury. Microwaves seem to have been around for so long that you might start to think its an automatic choice to have one.

Below we’re going take a look at our own view as to whether or not you really need a microwave by looking at a few critical reasons on both sides of the argument as we see it.

Do I Really Need A Microwave? – Yes


DO I Really Need A Microwave? Photo
Do I Really Need A Microwave?

Here’s why we think you might need a microwave.

#1 – It Will Be Quicker To Warm Up Meals

Perhaps the main benefit of having a microwave is the fact that it will be quicker to warm up your meals when you need to.

Rather than having to rely on the stove heating up or conventional oven coming on, you can just whack your food straight into the microwave and a minute later (depending on the food), it will be piping hot and ready to eat.

When you have a busy life, this convenience can be quite helpful when you are trying to squeeze in as much as you can.

#2 – It May Save More of Your Leftovers From the Bin

Another potential bonus of having a microwave is that it may result in more of your leftover food actually being consumed rather than being thrown away.

It is estimated that 70% of the 9.5 million tonnes of food wasted each could have been eaten. Part of the issue with food being thrown away at least in our own household is that leftovers aren’t always quick and easy to warm up. For example a lasgna ideally needs to be warmed up in the oven if you want it to maintain its feel from the night before. However, this is where having a microwave can prove to be useful as it can potentially help save more of this leftover food waste.

#3 – It Gives You A Quick Way To Make Food If You’re Tied For Time

As well as saving you time with reheating leftover or cold food, a microwave can also help you make food quickly and conveniently when you need to.

This can be particularly useful if you’ve forgetten something e.g. peas with your dinner.

It can also serve as an extra cooking appliance when you’re stove is fully loaded. Some foods such as jacket potatoes and rice are particularly straightforward to cook in the microwave.

Do I Really Need A Microwave? – No

Here’s why we think you may be just fine without a microwave.

#1 – It’s Ultimately A Luxury

Let’s get it straight – a microwave is a luxury good. It might not seem that way but from our perspective a microwave is most certainly an appliance you can certainly live without and not feel it.

Perhaps if you’ve had one before and no longer have one you may miss the convenience but there are plenty of people around the world who’ve never used one and get on just fine.

If you have a conventional cooker and oven you’ll be able to cook and reheat your food. Perphaps where you’ll miss a microwave is when you need to quckly reheat your food as you’ll need to more than likely pan heat your leftovers but the point is it is possible.

#2 – Saves You Money

If you don’t already have one, choosing not to buy a microwave can save you some money.

Rather than spending that cash on another appliance using what you already have in place at home can save you money.

The trade-off you may need to consider is how much money are you saving vs the additional time you’ll spend reheating food in a different way but the point is there may be an opportunity for you to savecash.

Conclusion: Do I Really Need A Microwave?

So, in our view there’s plenty of good reasons on both sides of the debate if you are asking yourself the question ‘do I really need a microwave?’.

A microwave can offer you convenience and the potential to save you time when it comes to reheating food however, it is certainly not an essential item.

There are plenty of people who get on just fine without one and if you decide it’s not for you it’s money that you are not having to spend.

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