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De’longhi have an impressive line up of coffee makers and none more so than their Lattissima range. If you are trying to decide between the De’longhi Lattissima One vs Touch you may find this article useful as we compare the two models on a range of factors. To get a detailed look at the De’longhi Lattissima One vs Touch we’ll walk through the following range of factors:

  • How They Work & Features
  • Choice of Coffee
  • Milk Frother
  • Size & Weight
  • Capacity
  • Price
  • What Users Say


Delonghi Lattissima One
Delonghi Lattissima Touch


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Model Number



Milk Frother

Automatic - Single Serve


Coffee Machine Type

Capsule (Nespresso)

Capsule (Nespresso)


15.4 (W) x 32 (D) x 25.6 (H) cm

17.3 (W) x 32 (D) x 25.8 (H) cm


Water 0.9l; Milk 125ml

Water 0.9l; Milk 350ml

Colour; Finish

White; Plastic

Black; Plastic

Heat Up Time

25 Seconds

25 Seconds

What Users Think

Great machine with high quality coffee; milk could be warmer

Excellent coffee machine with great coffee; milk could be warmer

De’Longhi Lattissima One


The De’longhi Lattissima One offers users simplicity in their coffee making and design geared towards making the most out of every drop of milk available. Designed for Nespresso capsules, the Latissima One comes very highly rated by users and aims to provide an easy experience when making your coffee with just 3 one-touch buttons to get you going.

De’Longhi Lattissima Touch

The De’longhi Lattissima Touch is designed to try to make getting your favourite coffee as easy as possible. Made for Nespresso capsules it comes with 6 touch-operated buttons giving you a range of drinks the Lattissima Touch comes very highly regarded from a vast number of user reviews.

De’longhi Lattissima One vs Touch

Let’s now take a detailed look at how the De’longhi Lattissima One compares to the Touch.

De’longhi Lattissima One vs Touch: How Do They Work & Features

The De’longhi Latissma One is designed with 3 one-touch buttons to be used in making your coffee. To get it going you pop in a capsule of your choice once the machine is turned on and then make a selection accordingly. You can choose either a standard espresso or lungo option as well as a milk-based drink of either a cappuccino or a latte.

The Latissima Touch works in a similar fashion. Once you get the machine up and running and pop in your desired coffee capsule you then have a choice of 6 different one-touch buttons.

Both machines have a 25 second heat up time from start up.

Quite helpfully both the Lattissima One and Touch come with an eco-mode which automatically shuts down after 9 minutes of no use to save energy.

In terms of cleaning and maintenance both the Lattissima One and Touch come with descaling alerts. The Touch though also has an auto-cleaning feature for the milk container.

One of the key differences between the De’longhi Lattissima One vs Touch is that the Touch allows you to personalise and memorise your drinks by selecting the volume of coffee and amount of milk.

De’longhi Lattissima One vs Touch: Choice of Coffee

When it comes to the range of drinks you can make the De’longhi Lattissima One offers 3 selections. You have a choice of (i) espresso (ii) lungo and (iii) a milk-based selection for either a cappuccino or latte macchiato.

The Lattissima Touch on the other hand gives you 6 different options in total. These cover

  • (i) Espresso
  • (ii) Long
  • (iii) Creamy Latte
  • (iv) Cappuccino
  • (v) Latte Macchiato
  • (vi) Hot milk

The addition of hot milk is particularly useful as it gives you an additional option on top of the standard coffee selections and offers more versatility from the machine.

As noted both the Lattissima One and Touch are designed for Nespresso coffee capsules though it’s worth noting many users note they can also work with some third-party Nespresso compatible capsules – you would, however, need to check before purchase.

De’longhi Lattissima One vs Touch: Milk Frother

The De’longhi Lattissima One comes with a fairly unique single-serve milk frother. This means it is designed to hold enough milk for one drinks serving with the idea being that you use the freshest milk possible each time you want a drink.

With regular milk containers you put in milk up to the maximum but it may not be used for some time and gets returned to the fridge with some possibly going to waste. With the Lattissima One, you fill the container up to the level indicated on the side based on the drink you want and the machine will detect the level and use it all up in one serving.

Once you are done there’s no need to for milk storage in your fridge. It also makes for a smaller machine (more on that later).

When it comes to milk dispensing the De’longhi Lattissima Touch comes with a built-in milk frother to offer a range of milk-based beverages. The milk frother quite helpfully can be detached and stored in the fridge. The fact it can be removed also makes it easy for cleaning. The milk frother for the Lattissima Touch also comes with an option to adjust the milk density giving you some more flexibility in this regard.

De’longhi Lattissima One vs Touch: Size & Weight

When it comes to selecting a coffee maker for your kitchen counter, keeping in mind the size can be important particularly if you are tight for space.

The De’longhi Lattissima One benefits from a relatively compact size and measure W15.4 cm x D32cm x H25.6cm. The compact design is helped by the minimalist milk container with the single-serving volume.

The De’longhi Lattissima Touch on the other hand is slightly wider but is otherwise close in size measuring W17.3cm x D32cm x H25.8cm.

The main advantage in terms of size of the Lattissima One is the fact you would take up less space across your kitchen counter.

The Lattissima One also weighs slightly less at 4.3kg compared to the Touch’s 4.5kg.

De’longhi Lattissima One vs Touch: Capacity

The capacity of a coffee machine is important as it will help to determine how large your servings can be and how often you need to top up water and milk.

The Lattissima One and Touch are both single-serve coffee machines meaning one capsule one serving.

However, the Lattissima One takes that concept further of course, and only has milk capacity for one drink serving from its carafe. Its milk container has 125ml (0.125litre) capacity which is enough for one serving depending on the drink selected.

The Lattissima Touch on the other hand has a far larger 350ml (0.35litre) milk container giving you the flexibility to store the milk in the container in the fridge. It does, however, mean that the milk might not be as fresh as with the Lattissima One and possibly be more prone to waste. However, as long as the milk is properly stored in the fridge, this may be less of a concern.

In terms of water capacity, both the De’longhi Lattissima One and the touch are equipped with a 0.9litre tank.

With single-serve capsule machines, it’s always useful to have a container for the discarded pods. The Lattissima One has a 9 unit used capsule container which is surpassed by the Touch’s 10 unit capacity repository.

In terms of pressure, both machines come equipped with 19 bar pumps giving you similar performance in terms of extraction.

De’longhi Lattissima One vs Touch: Price

In terms of price typically the De’longhi Lattissima One is typically the cheaper of the two options though when discounted the Touch is not far off. The Lattissima One can often be found for around £200 whilst the Touch can typically be found for around £210. It’s always worth checking the latest pricing available as they can change.

De’longhi Lattissima One vs Touch: What Users Say

When it comes to user reviews, the De’longhi Lattissima One appears to go down generally quite well. Users seem very pleased with the machine particularly its design as well as the quality of coffee and milk it produces.

In terms of drawbacks, the main one appears to be the temperature of the milk produced in some instances though it should be noted this does not appear to be a universal complaint with some noting they feel the temperature is good. In addition, the temperature of coffees is a common gripe mentioned across a range of different types of machines for home use.

Nonetheless, it’s something for you to keep in mind. In addition, some users note that it would be better if the milk frother was easier to clean.

The De’longhi Lattissima Touch appears well received by its user base with many commenting on how pleased they are with the machine.

In particular, they mention the quality of coffee and milk, the attractive design as well as the compact nature of the machine. Many also state that they feel the Touch is very easy to use.

In terms of drawbacks, one of the main ones seems to be that some feel the milk could be warmer in a similar fashion to the Lattissima One although again this does not appear to be a universal complaint. In addition, some also note that cleaning can also sometimes be fiddly.

Conclusion – De’longhi Lattissima One vs Touch

Overall, when it comes to picking between the De’longhi Lattissima One vs Touch you are presented with two similar machines but with a few key distinct differences to consider.

The Lattissima One provides single-serve milk with the aim of reducing waste and keeping your milk fresh whilst the Touch has a larger container.

The Lattissima Touch offers personalisation as well as more drinks options and an auto cleaning feature for the milk container. The Touch will also take up slightly more room on your counter as it has a wider footprint with similar height and depth.

Both machines are well received by users though they each have a few drawbacks to consider.

Ultimately with the Lattissima One and Touch, you get two highly rated capsule coffee machines that are not too far apart in price and features but do have some key differences between them.

De’Longhi Lattissima One

De’Longhi Lattissima Touch