Exclusive Daewoo KOR6M17R Microwave Review 2023

Daewoo KOR6M17R Microwave Review

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Daewoo KOR6M17R Microwave Review: A Great Budget Option

Daewoo KOR6M17R Microwave Review

Daewoo KOR6M17R Microwave Review

The Daewoo KOR6M17R is a very good microwave that also happens to offer excellent value for money.

Despite the razzmatazz of many new microwave models, the best performers tend to be the ones that keep things simple. This is definitely included in Daewoo KOR6M17R microwave review.

By keeping things simple, Daewoo have produced an absolute winner of a microwave. If you need a microwave that will cook, re-heat and defrost your food just as it should, is easy to use and offers excellent value for money then the Daewoo KOR6M17R should be your first choice it’s our 1st choice for best budget solo microwaves.

There are times with appliances that you get lucky and get much more value out of something than the money you paid. The Daewoo KOR6M17R microwave is one of those appliances. One of the reasons the Daewoo KOR6M17R is one of the best selling microwaves on Amazon is the fact it provides plenty of bang for your hard-earned bucks. For the relatively low amount you pay compared to other models of the same size (check the latest price on Amazon), you get a very reliable microwave that does its job well and has left many users very happy.

Delivering 700Watts of power the Daewoo KOR6M17R provides quick and evenly cooked food.

You’ll get a choice of 7 power levels, including defrost, to make full use of the range of power and cater to exactly the level you need to deliver the best tasting food.

One of the things you see mentioned the most from users of the Daewoo KOR6M17R is the fact food is heated evenly. With the Daewoo KOR6M17R you won’t have to worry about cold spots. It’s concave reflex technology system means the microwaves are more evenly distributed within the cooking cavity resulting in the elimination of random cold spots.

A well functioning microwave is of limited value if its too complicated to use. Fortunately the Daewoo KOR6M17R couldn’t really be any easier; it is very easy to use and is one of the many reasons so many buyers rave about it. The main functions are based around two manual dials on the control panel. One wheel allows you to select the power level you need whilst the other lets you set the timer up to 35minutes. It couldn’t get any easier to use the machine and its simplicity is only surpassed by how well the machine goes on to do its job.

With a 20 litre capacity the Daewoo KOR6M17R would work well for smaller households or couples and single occupants. Equally it’s had great reviews from restaurant users and offices using it in their canteens.

Quite importantly, although this is a nice and compact microwave the turntable is still 25cm which means it can take a standard sized plate.

The design of the Daewoo KOR6M17R helps to complement the overall simplicity of the model. This microwave comes in white with nice smooth edges which give it a welcomed classic feel.

When you decide to buy the Daewoo KOR6M17R you’ll be getting a highly effective microwave that comes with rave reviews and a track record of great performance. For the money you pay, you are unlikely to finder a cheaper model that gives you so much value.

Key Features

  • 700W of power for quick and easy cooking
  • 7 power levels to cater to your needs
  • Easy to use, manual dials
  • 20litre capacity
  • Available Colours: White
  • Dimensions: W44.9cm x H25.9cm x D31.8cm
  • Type: solo microwave

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