Russell Hobbs RHM2076S Review

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Russell Hobbs RHM2076S Review

The Russell Hobbs RH2076 is an all-round excellent solo microwave. It cooks evenly and quickly; is super-easy to use (5 buttons and a wheel!), looks great and to top it all off it offers brilliant value for money.

Russell Hobbs seem to know how to make appliances that are very easy to use, perform excellently and offer really good value for money. The Russell Hobbs RHM2076 is no exception.

When we say value for money we mean getting the very best product you can at a price that would usually be reserved for items of lower performance (high quality/performance/rating vs low price). As an example of what we mean consider the fact that the Russell Hobbs RHM2076 is one of the most highly rated solo microwaves on Amazon yet also one of the lowest priced models available. This is a perfect cross of value for money.

With this very highly rated solo microwave with a digital display you get a microwave that does an excellent job of heating, cooking and defrosting your food whilst giving you a highly attractive addition to your kitchen counter. Best of all it does this whilst ensuring that you get truly great value for money.

One of the first things you’ll notice is how simple the control panel is. At a time when many new microwaves seem to come with more and more unnecessary functions, the Russell Hobbs RHM2076 gets straight to the point. A welcomed change.

It has 5 buttons and a hand-wheel for selecting weight, setting the timer and using the auto menu. With the 5 buttons you’ll be able to select the power level you need, use the defrost function, set the clock, stop/clear a cycle and lastly start or add 30 seconds to a cycle as. The interface has clearly been made with clarity and ease of use in mind.

For what is an excellent price you will get a powerful microwave with 800W of cooking strength. This is a high power output and means that your food can be cooked quickly and without fuss.

To give you the full range of the power that you will need to make the most out of your new microwave, it comes with 5 different power levels. This will ensure that you can cook your meals to the exact settings they call for.

The Russell Hobbs RHM2076 also comes with a useful auto defrost function allowing you to enter the weight of your food and then automatically calculating how much time and power is needed for defrosting. This is a handy feature as it takes the annoying guesswork when trying to figure out how long your food will need to defrost.

The Russell Hobbs RHM2076 packs style in abundance. One of the reasons it sells so well is the fact that it looks way more polished than its price would otherwise suggest. In this model Russell Hobbs have somehow managed to combine a very good microwave that also happens to look really stylish and offers great value for money all in one package.

This model is available in an all black finish (RHM2076B) or one with a silver body and black mirror front door (RHM2076S). Both options have the black mirror finish to the door and it looks fantastic. It gives it a real modern and sleek feel that will have you feeling very good every time you consider how much you paid for it.

With a 20litre capacity this microwave provides a good amount of cooking space.

This size would suit a household with a small family down to single occupants and couples as it can fit standard dinner plates and other dishes.

Quite helpfully it has a dishwasher safe turntable which will make cleaning the microwave quite easy.

Whilst on the subject of cleaning one of the minor drawbacks of this microwave is the fact that the mirror door finish can sometimes be easy to smudge with your fingerprints. This is a fairly minor issue and can easily be wiped down. In addition you always have the handle to avoid getting the mirror grubby.

For the family users, there’s a useful child lock feature which will ensure the door can not be opened whilst the microwave is operating.

All in all we’re big fans of the Russell Hobbs RHM2076 along with many others who enjoy its ease of use, stylish presentation, excellent functionality and best of all great value for money. If you need an everyday workhorse for your heating and defrosting needs that’s highly rated but won’t cost you a ton, this is the microwave for you.

Key Features

  • Easy to use with just 5 simple buttons and a hand-wheel
  • Slick mirror finish door
  • 20litre capacity
  • 800W of cooking power for a wide range of needs
  • Available Colours: Black & Silver
  • Dimensions: H25.8cm x W44.0cm x D35.9cm

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