3 Great Kitchen Hacks To Save Time

Kitchen Hacks To Save Time

Managing your kitchen when you have so many other priorities and issues soaking up your time and energy can feel like an uphill battle. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the of the best 3 kitchen hacks to save time.

At Power To The Kitchen we believe that the kitchen is the heart of the home; it provides nourishment and the fuel needed for everyone to be at their best. 

When your kitchen is running well, the whole home has a better chance.

The thing is though, the kitchen is not always an easy place to manage especially if every adult in the home is working and/or you also have kids to look after. It can be a significant drain on your time and energy. Both of which would be better spent with friends and family or simply just eating and resting after a long day at work.

If you get the kitchen right, everything else has a better chance of flourishing. It helps to keep your health, your energy and, to an extent, your happiness in check.

But with so many conflicting priorities how can you keep everything in order and save time doing it?

Top 3 Kitchen Hacks To Save Time

There are many kitchen hacks that we’d love to share with you but in this post we’ve put together the top 3 hacks focusing on saving time in the kitchen. These hacks will help you improve the health and wealth of your kitchen and hopefully make life a bit easier.

1 – ONLY USE ONE SET OF UTENSILS AND DISHES PER PERSON: This first idea is so simplistic in nature yet so effective in practice. Everyone in the home is given one set of utensils and general kitchen items. You then select one of each other type of item that would be needed for cooking and preparing food.

So for example in a household with a couple, each partner would get a plate, bowl, spoon, knife, fork, glass and mug. Then the common items might be a sauce pan, a frying pan, a serving spoon, a wooden spoon etc (you get the idea). The basic idea being you only have one of each type and you only use what you need.

After you’ve allocated the items however, it is then critical that you then stick to them and do not go into the cupboards the first time you find your plate has already been used and needs a wash. Here another key principle comes into play; you have to wash and re-use the same set of stuff. If you don’t, the system does not work.

This system can be highly effective if used correctly because it cuts out the majority of the time you would spend washing up dishes that you would still be using.

It also means that you avoid the dreaded dish pile up next to the kitchen sink especially during the working week when you’re in much more of a hurry; if there are no dishes to use, there are no dishes to pile up. (Sidebar; my wife and I, who have 3 kids under the age of 3, tried this system after finding we were spending too much time managing the kitchen and it completely changed our evenings – it freed up so much more time and made the job of managing the kitchen a lot easier).

2 – TIDY UP EACH NIGHT BEFORE YOU EAT DINNER: This second idea is much easier said than done – it requires that you commit to tidying up the kitchen every single night not when you feel like it but before you sit down and eat.

If you’re like most people you probably tidy up the kitchen at some point in the evening when you can, sometimes this might be after dinner or before going to bed. The issue with these slots however, is that once you’ve eaten and settled on the sofa to enjoy/binge on your favourite shows it becomes much harder and even less enjoyable to get up again and head back to the kitchen to tidy up. 

It might seem counter-intuitive but if you can get into the habit of tidying up once your dinner is ready but before you’ve served this will mean you get the hard stuff out of the way but still have the pleasure of eating and relaxing to follow. Once you get started you’re more likely to continue as the next night the last thing your brain will have to associate with the kitchen is the pleasure gained from tucking into your well prepped dinner.

3 – TIDY UP AS YOU GO: When you keep pace with tidying up in the kitchen as you go, you make the whole process of managing it so much easier. Whenever you can squeeze in a minute or two at the kitchen sink or wiping a worktop, do so as it will ultimately mean you have less to do in your daily tidy up time before dinner. 

If you manage to implement ideas #1 and #2 from above (particularly #1) tidying up as you go will be even easier as you’ll have far less stuff in the kitchen to keep on top of.

The kitchen hacks to save time presented above may seem simple but the most effective solutions often are. There are some more useful kitchen hacks we can recommend. Also you should checkout some useful tips and tricks to organize your pantry and 33 kitchen hacks that will make you love cooking.

Why not try them out and give us your feedback below? We would love to hear from you.


What Power Level Is 1000 Watts On a Microwave?

What Power Level Is 1000 Watts On a Microwave?

What power level is 1000 watts on a microwave? The long answer is it depends on the total wattage of your machine. The short answer is that it could be level 10 if your machine is a 1000 watts or lower if your microwave is a higher wattage model.

Check out the handy table below as a guide to the power level depending on the wattage of your machine. Before you delve into the table it is important to note that although we refer to power levels, the actual wattage of your machine never changes. Your microwave will typically run on and off until it has reached the desired power level.

What Power Level Is 1000 Watts On a Microwave?

Power Level600 Watts700 Watts800 Watts900 Watts1000 Watts1100 Watts1200 Watts
Level 160 W70 W80 W90 W100 W110 W120 W
Level 2120 W140 W160 W180 W200 W220 W240 W
Level 3180 W210 W240 W270 W300 W330 W360 W
240 W280 W320 W360 W400 W440 W480 W
Level 5300 W350 W400 W450 W500 W550 W600 W
Level 6360 W420W480 W540 W600 W660 W720 W
Level 7420 W490 W560 W640 W700 W770 W840 W
Level 8480 W560 W640 W720 W800 W880 W960 W
Level 9540 W630 W720 W810 W900 W990 W1080 W
Level 10600 W700 W800 W900 W1000 W1100 W1200 W
Table: What Power Level Is 1000 Watts On a Microwave?

Here is how it would work in practice: For example, if you microwave has a wattage of 1000 and you need to cook something at 700 watts then you would to select power level 7 or 70% of the power. 800 watts would be level 8 (80%), 900 watts level 9/90% etc.

Answering this question accurately could be the key to getting the most out of your microwave oven.

Microwaves don’t usually let you choose a specific wattage. Instead they will typically allow you to set a power level, most often between 1 – 10.

But as you can see with the handy table below, it is fairly easy to figure out what each power level equates to in terms of watts or at least get close.

To find the correct watts for a given power level, you can also use the formula below:

W at a Given Power Level = Total W Rating of Machine/Total Power Levels x Given Power Level

To find out what power level is 1000 watts on a microwave, the first thing you’ll need to do is find out the wattage rating for your own microwave.

This should be printed on the inside of the door or on the front of the machine. If that fails, check the instruction manual that came with the model. Most microwaves will range between 600 and 1,200 Watts.

Once you have the number, you can then work out the power levels. Or if, you’re wattage rating is listed on the table below, simply use that as a guide.

Some microwaves have power ranges e.g. High, Medium and Low that correspond to certain specific wattages. These may be detailed in your instruction manual.

What Is 50 Percent Power On Microwave?

Now that we have a general idea of how microwave power levels work it’s easier to address questions like – what is 50 percent power on microwave? 50 percent power on a microwave would correspond to the microwave being on full power for half (50 percent) the time you select. So, for example if you selected a 2 minute cycle on 50 percent power, the microwave would run at full power on and off for 1 minute.

What Power Level Is 1000 Watts On a Microwave?: Tell Us Your Thoughts

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