Top 3 Microwaves With Dial Controls: Best Models in 2022

With so many fancy microwaves available these days with all singing and dancing features, you can be forgiven for yearning for those simple microwaves with dial controls. There’s something wonderful about microwaves with rotary dial controls and how easy they can make your life.

Below we are going to take a look at some of the best options available for microwaves with dial controls.

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Microwaves With Dial Controls


1 – Daewoo KOR6M27R Manual Control Microwave

Dial ControlsYes
TypeSolo Microwave
Capacity20 Litre
Power Levels7
Colours AvailableWhite; Silver; Black

The Daewoo KOR6M27R Manual Control Microwave is one of the most highly rated microwaves with dial controls around. As well as offering wonderful simplicity in its operation it also delivers consistent performance at an affordable price based on user reviews.

The ease of use and good performance of the Daewoo KOR6M27R manual control microwave are things that really do stand out from user reviews.

With 800W of cooking power you should be able to get through your needs efficiently and with 7 different power settings including defrost, you’ll have a range of options at the turn of the dial.

Next you’ll have a timer that can go up to 35 minutes which should hopefully suit your needs when it comes to heating and cooking your favourite foods. Setting the timer couldn’t be any simpler either as it is based on the turn of the second rotary dial control.

Daewoo’s stated Concave Reflex System works to try to ensure that the microwaves are more evenly distributed within the cavity aiming to cook food more evenly.

With a 20 litre capacity this microwave would work well in smaller households.

Amongst what is fairly universal high praise from users, one thing to note is that the size may be smaller than some expect. As such it is a good idea to double-check the dimensions before you purchase to make sure you get what you need.

Overall this is a perfect option for someone looking for microwaves with dial controls that will deliver consistent results with no frills. It is a basic option and one that delivers on what it needs to; heating and cooking your everyday foods.

2 – Toshiba MW2-AG23PF(BK) Micorwave and Grill With Dials

Dial ControlsYes plus 2 buttons
Power850 – 900W
TypeCombination; microwave & grill
Capacity23 Litre
Power Levels5
Colours AvailableBlack

If you need a microwave with dial controls that looks more than just a basic microwave then the Toshiba MW2-AG23PF(BK) may be a good fit for you. If you need a microwave with dials that also has a grill function then this is most definitely one you need to pay attention to.

The Toshiba MW2-AG23PF(BK) is a 850 – 900W microwave with dial controls and a grill function rated at 1000 – 1050W. It combines the speed and efficiency of a microwave with the browninig and crisping action of a grill to give you a flexible combination cooking.

This slick looking microwave comes with two rotary dial controls as well as two simple buttons for stop/cancel and start/+30 seconds. One dial is for choosing the various functions available whilst the other lets you set various parameters including the time.

The Toshiba MW2-AG23PF(BK) comes equipped with 5 power levels to give some flexibility when cooking as well as 8 auto programmes for making your favourite foods such as pizza, pasta and fish. There’s also a handy speedy cooking function that will let you cook foods at 100% power for increments of 30 seconds up to a total of 95 minutes. This can be quite useful when you consider most people only ever use their microwave for reheating foods.

Defrost functions by weight and time are also included. For added peace of mind in your home should you need it, the Toshiba MW2-AG23PF(BK) also comes with a child safety lock function.

The Toshiba MW2-AG23PF(BK) comes with a 23 litre capacity – be sure to check the dimensions to ensure they fit your needs.

Users seem to be generally happy with the Toshiba MW2-AG23PF(BK) based on reviews with some noting how effective the grill feature is.

One area that does let down the Toshiba MW2-AG23PF(BK) is just how poorly laid out the instruction manual is. This is particularly important for microwaves with dial controls because you are often reliant on just the symbols to tell you what the options are. However, as some users note there are a number of symbols displayed around the dials that are not defined in the instruction manual.

In summary, the Toshiba MW2-AG23PF(BK) offers a great choice if you are searching for microwaves with dial controls that also feature a grill option. It offers combination cooking from a strong brand at a good price.

3 – Russell Hobbs RHFM2001B Flatbed Microwave With Dial Controls

Dial ControlsYes plus 2 buttons
TypeSolo Microwave
Capacity19 Litre
Power Levels5
Colours AvailableBlack

If you want the awesome benefits of a flatbed microwave but the simplicity that typically comes with microwaves with dial controls, then the Russell Hobbs RHFM2001B flatbed microwave may be your best bet.

The Russell Hobbs RHFM2001B is a highly user rated microwave in its on right but if you specifically want dial controls and a flatbed design then this could be a real winner.

This unit has two dials with two buttons at the bottom for stop/cancel and start/+30 secs/confirm. This configuration makes it very easy to use as many buyers have commented on.

The first dial allows you to select the power setting you need whilst the second has options for the timer, weight and auto menu of which there are 8 options.

This flatbed microwave comes with 700W of power in addition to 5 different power levels. The internal design of the microwave is termed as a diamond cavity structure which aims to helps distribute the microwaves more evenly within the cooking cavity for more evenly heated food.

As well as great performance, the Russell Hobbs RHFM2001B appeals to so many users because of its flatbed design. Flatbed microwaves do not have a turntable fitted in the middle which means they have more space than would otherwise be the case with a similar sized turntable microwave. Flatbed microwaves tend to also be easier to clean as any spillages can be simply wiped from the flat floor as opposed to a turntable base which can be tricky to clean up.

At 19 litres this microwave would probably be best suited to smaller households for everyday cooking and heating needs.

Some users have noted that at 700W it is not the most powerful which makes sense as most microwaves are between 600 – 1100W so 700W is on the low end. Be sure to keep this in mind when deciding on your own purchase. In addition, some users have complained that the dials are quite shiny which can make the writing around them difficult to read.

Overall, when it comes to microwaves with dial controls, the Russell Hobbs RHFM2001B microwave is a great option if you also want a flatbed design that is also highly rated by users.

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