Microwave Egg Cooker

If you’re a big fan of eggs and like getting the best out of your microwave, you may be wondering whether a microwave egg cooker is a worthwhile product to get.

In fact, like a lot of people you might actually just be wondering – what is a microwave egg cooker?

To help with this, below we will take a look at:

  • What is a microwave egg cooker?
  • How do you use a microwave egg cooker?
  • What is the best microwave egg cooker?

Note: Always take great care when making eggs in the microwave as they can build up pressure and heat quickly.

What Is A Microwave Egg Cooker?


A microwave egg cooker is usually a piece of cookware that can be used to make eggs in the microwave. The idea behind the designs is that it should mean making your eggs in the microwave is much easier with a dedicated piece of cookware, typically made of plastic, that is specifically designed to help you do so.

A microwave egg cooker can normally be used to make different types of eggs including:

  • Scrambled eggs
  • Omelettes
  • Poached eggs

How Do You Use A Microwave Egg Cooker?

Using a microwave egg cooker is relatively straightforward. The way you use it will depend on the type of eggs you want to make and the design of the cooker dish you have chosen.

Typically you will need to crack your eggs and pour them into the main bowl of the dishware. You can then add the seasoning that you would like, if any, (e.g. salt, pepper, paprika etc).

What to do next will depend on the type of eggs you want, let’s look at our two favourite egg types (scrambled and omelettes):

Scrambled Eggs

Once you’ve beaten the eggs and seasoning, you need to typically place the cooker lid before you put it in the microwave. You then set it to high power for a time (the time will depend on the number of eggs and recipe you’re following).

You then take them out and stir the mixture again. After that put the egg cooker back in the microwave and cook on a medium/high power until the eggs are cooked. Remove the egg cooker and serve as you wish.


When making an omelette with an egg cooker in the microwave, you first need to crack your eggs into the cooker dish. After that you can add the ingredients you want included in your eggs.

Once you’ve done so you then place the lid back on and then place the dish into the microwave. How long it will need depends on how many eggs you have and the recipe you are following. Once they’re done, you take them out and serve as you wish.

What Is The Best Microwave Egg Cooker?

Below we take a look at some of the best available microwave egg cooking devices.

1 – Sistema Microwave Easy Eggs Cookware

We are big fans of Sistema microwave cookware and the Sistema microwave easy eggs microwave egg cooker looks set to join the list. As usually with Sistema you get a slick and well designed product that comes very highly rated by users.

The Microwave easy eggs is designed to allow you to make scrambled eggs, poached eggs, omelettes as well as egg muffics. It has a steam release vent to help reduce the amount of splatter during heating and is also available in blue as well as red.

2 – OXO Good Grips Microwave Egg Cooker

The Oxo Good Grips microwave egg cooker is designed by a company that aims to make products used by as many people as possible and many users rate this egg cooker very highly.

As well as having steam vents to reduce splatter, the bottom lid also comes off easily to allow you to place your cooked eggs straight onto your plate.

Suitable for makings omelettes as well as scrambled eggs, the wide opening means you can use it as a mixing bowl as well as for the actual cooking.

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