Is It Worth Getting A Coffee Maker? 5 Reasons

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Is It Worth Getting A Coffee Maker?

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages around. If you’re an avid fan you may be tempted to grab a coffee maker to do it yourself at home. But is it worth getting a coffee maker? In this article we’re going to take a look at some of the reasons why it may be worth you considering getting your own coffee maker and also some reasons why you might not want to.

Is It Worth Getting A Coffee Maker?: Reasons To Get One


Let’s start by taking a look at some reasons why it may be worth getting a coffee maker.

Saves You Money (In The Long-Run)

If you are regular coffee drinker and would consider making it yourself rather than buying it from a cafe every time then a coffee maker could definitely save you money.

Although you have to shell out for the upfront cost of a coffee maker, which depending on the type and model you go for can range from anywhere £30 – £900/£1,000, and the pods/capsules, beans or ground coffee, you are still likely to end up with cheaper cups of coffee than buying it in a shop.

There’s plenty of support that suggests that making your own coffee at home rather than buying it in your favourite coffee shop regularly could save you a significant amount of money every year.

If you’re someone who likes to have an espresso just as you get into your office or as you sit on the train, then you can find plenty of portable coffee mugs that will keep your brew nice and hot until you are ready to actually drink it.


One of the main reasons many like the idea of getting a coffee maker is that it offers them more consistent results when it comes to their favourite brew.

Coffee makers help you to remove some of the variability involved with making your favourite style of coffee and offer a consistent way to do so. This is particularly the case with pod or capsule style coffee makers.

Coffee When You Want It

A major reason why getting a coffee maker may be worth it for you is that you’ll be able to have shop quality coffee whenever you want it.

Rather than having to time it into your commute or pop out to your nearest coffee shop, with a coffee maker at home you’ll be able to cater to your own needs whenever you want to.

For many this is reason enough to grab a coffee machine for home use as they spend enough time queuing up for coffee every morning when they could just press a button in their own kitchen and have theirs made within a few minutes.

Saves You Effort

As with any machine in your kitchen, having a coffee maker offers you a great deal of convenience and saves you on effort. Rather than having to manually put together your favourite style of coffee every morning, with the touch of a button you can get straight to your desired style of coffee.

As well as making things easier for you, it will also likely save you time from manually putting together your favourite beverage.

Better Quality Coffee

If you already make your own instant coffee at home without a machine, you are likely to find that you make better quality coffee with a dedicated machine.

Having a machine do it for you will also likely mean you are less interested in going into a cafe and buying an expensive cup.

More Control

One of the best things about having your own coffee machine at home is that it will give you more control over how your coffee is made and what goes into it. As great as it can be to get your favourite concotion from a major coffee shop, some of these beverages can sometimes be loaded with more sugar for example than you may want to consume, especially if you are doing so daily.

Making your own cups at home mean you’ll get to decide exactly what goes into your beverage from start to finish and control your calorie intake more effectively.

Great For Guests

If you’ve ever had to make a ton of coffee without a machine for guests at home then you may quickly appreciate why a coffee maker may be worth your while. With many machines available that can provide up to as many as 10 – 12 cups of coffee, catering to your guests with high quality coffee is made a lot easier with your own machine.

Regardless of the capacity of a machine, your guests are likely to enjoy the higher quality of coffee on offer from your kitchen.


As well as making coffee, some machines can also brew up a cup of tea and hot chocolate. Though this may not be your primary driver for acquiring a machine as a coffee lover, if you’re looking for a way to justify an expensive option in your home, a wider appeal doesn’t hurt.

By going for a coffee maker that can also make different types of beverages, you are more likely to get more consistent use out of it and making it worth your while.

Is It Worth Getting A Coffee Maker?: Reasons Not To

Let’s also consider why it may not be worth getting a coffee maker.

Occasional Drinker

If you only drink coffee very occasionally and know that your coffee maker is likely to sit in the corner and collect dust, then getting a coffee maker may not necessarily make sense.

Unless you are quite happy to have yet another appliance that goes unused then you may be better off with the occasional coffee from your favourite cafe or making it manually.

If You’re Short On Space

If you are short on counter space in the kitchen then it may not be worth you getting a coffee machine. Depending on the type of coffee maker you choose, they can take up a decent amount of space on your counter. This is especially true of bean-to-cup stlyle machines.

Having said that if you opt for a capsule or pod style machine you could end up witha fairly compact footprint that would be easy to store on your counter or in the cupboards should you need to.

Conclusion: Is It Worth Getting A Coffee Maker?

So, is it worth getting a coffee maker? It appears that if you are a regular coffee drinker, then it may well be worth getting yourself a coffee maker. When you consider the convenience, time and effort saved and perhaps most of all the money, then getting a coffee maker seems to make perfect sense.

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