How To Make Microwave Scrambled Eggs?

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Need to know how to make microwave scrambled eggs? You’ve come to the right place for it as we’re big on microwaves and love some great scrambled eggs.

Eggs can be a great way to start the morning as well as a tasty snack throughout the day. Using the microwave to make scrambled eggs is another way to get the most out of your microwave. It can also leave you with a potentially easier time of cleaning up afterwards as you just have to wash up your microwave safe dish that you use.

Below we’ll take a look at:

  • How To Make Microwave Scrambled Eggs?
  • How Long Does It Take To Make Scrambled Eggs In The Microwave?
  • Best Microwave Scrambled Egg Cooker

Note: Always take great care when making eggs in the microwave as they can build up pressure and heat quickly.

How To Make Microwave Scrambled Eggs?


Making scrambled eggs in the microwave is a relatively simple process and can make good alternative to the stove:

  • 1 – Crack your desired number of eggs into a suitable mixing bowl.
  • 2 – Add milk and seasoning (e.g. salt, pepper, paparika etc) as you see fit.
  • 3 – Stir the mixture until it is all well blended in together.
  • 4 – Place in the microwave on a high power level for around 45 seconds.
  • 5 – Stir the mixture and then place back in the microwave for another 30 to 40 seconds/until suitably cooked.

Note – how long it takes to cook will depend on your microwave and how many eggs you’re using so be sure to check the specific recipe you’re using.

How Long Does It Take To Make Scrambled Eggs In The Microwave?

As you can see from the suggested process above, it should probably take around 75 – 90 seconds of cooking time in the microwave to make scrambed eggs.

This may be longer depending on the recipe and the number of eggs you are using.

Best Microwave Scrambled Egg Cooker

Making scrambed eggs in the microwave is a fairly simple process and can be done using a suitable microwave safe dish. However, if you don’t have something suitable or would prefer something tailor made specifically for making scrambled eggs then take a look at the suggestions for the best microwave scrambled egg cooker below.

1 – Sistema To Go Microwave Egg Cooker Easy Eggs

The Sistema microwave easy eggs cooker is the perfect companion if you want a piece of cookware to help you make scrambled eggs in the microwave. Specifically built for making scrambled eggs as well as poached eggs and omelettes, it is a product that comes very highly rated by users.

Sistema, hailing out of New Zealand, have a reputation for making great products of this sort and their microwave easy eggs cooker is no different. Designed with a steam release vent to allow for splatter free cooking, this device comes in several colours.

It also has what are described as easy lift tabs alongside a clip system that can keep the lid secure when you want to take your eggs with you on the go. This could be quite handy if you like making your eggs at home and taking them with you for the day to eat as breakfast or a snack.

To make life easier during clean up, the Sistema microwave easy eggs cooker is dishwasher safe.

2 – OXO Good Grips Microwave Egg Cooker

The Oxo Good Grips microwave egg maker is another highly rated product designed for making scrambled eggs. This egg cooker comes with a detachable base which means eggs can made and then tipped directly onto a plate for serving.

In addition it has steam vents to ensure the eggs can breathe as necessary whilst they are being cooked reducing the chances of splatter.

Due to the relatively wide width of the bowl, you also have the option of whisking the eggs in the dish before putting them into the microwave, helping to reduce the amount of washing up you’ll have to do later.

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